Disco Giraffe

Why is there a glittered disco giraffe in my living room?

Why the Hell not?

Giraffes are great. Glittered giraffes are especially great. They lend a certain Out of Africa meets Leslie Hall je ne sais quoi.

Plus, they look just like Donna Summer.

See what I mean?
I made this giraffe last fall but I neglected to tell anyone or take pictures because I thought she was missing a certain something. Turns out that something was false eyelashes from the Jamaican beauty supply store. So obvious. I didn’t even see until after the package was open that they are made from human hair. So now I have a fake eyelashes made from real hair on a fake giraffe. Awesome.

The giraffe is originally from Cost Plus World Market. I wish they would decide if it is called Cost Plus or World Market. The bags say the latter but I know five people who call it the former. It’s confusing. Anyway, this giraffe was hanging there on a clearance wall. Originally she was $85 but on sale for 60% off, then I saw one of her ears was damaged so I asked for a display model discount and boom…I walked out with a $25 giraffe. Not bad.

She started out this sort of  glossy newsprint looking thing, so I decided she needed to be painted gold…

But then the gold just didn’t do it for me.

As with all things in life that don’t do it for me, the answer was glitter.

Side Bar Tutorial for people who fear glitter, aka: The Herpes of Craft Supplies, aka:

How to Glitter Something So the Glitter Never Comes Off

  1. Cover the thing in a heavy coat of white glue then pour over glitter, same as always.
  2. After it dries, shake off excess glitter.
  3. In a disposable cup, mix; two parts white glue, two parts glitter, one part water. Mix with a plastic fork and paint the liquid all over the desired surface with a soft paint brush. When it dries, that glitter isn’t going anywhere.  

Here is a glitter tip from my friend Ann: Mix two or more sizes of glitter in the same color to achieve extra depth and sparkle. Ol’ Donna here has extra fine, extra chunky, and star shaped glitter covering her skin. Now she is ready to disco!



  1. says

    Your giraffe is fabulous! I saw that thing on discount at Cost Plus too and was considering doing something similar but those big black eyes just look so creepy and dead! I didn’t know how to fix that so I passed. Your lashes idea is a great one! definitely makes her look less soulless, although I still don’t think I’d want to catch her eyeing me in the dark late at night 🙂

  2. says

    OMGG (as in Oh My Glittered Giraffes!!!) She is gorgeous! She is amazine! What a whimsically beautiful job you did! I LOVE IT! This is just what my bedroom has been missing! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. says

    Why the hell not, indeed. I have two stock answers for when people ask me “why?”. The first is “Why the hell not?” and the other is “Because f#ck you, that’s why.” It just depends on my mood and who is doing the asking.

    I adore Donna and her fake real hair eyelashes. I feel the need for some sort of glittered animal in my own life now.

  4. says

    Your postings are always so much fun. I will try that trick with the glitter.
    My 9 year old granddaughter loves, loves, loves to make things and the glitter drives me nuts.
    Now I know what to do!

  5. says

    I love this so much. I’m currently looking around my house for things I can paint gold and cover in glitter

  6. says

    I LOVE this! You have sparked my imagination to see what I can glitter
    and decorate with now!

  7. says

    I love GLITTER! Who cares if it gets all over my husband’s office? Not this lady. I meant to tell you – thanks to inspiration from you, our wedding featured small plastic animals spray painted gold as part of the centerpieces. “Rustic ridiculousness” was our theme. 😛 It was one of my favorite details, I have no idea what everyone else thought of it (nor do i really care).
    In this case, perhaps I need to make a paper mache animal so I have something sufficiently large enough to cover in glitter. We don’t have Cost Plus World Markets here in Boston, at least that I know of.. and according to Pinterest, I should be able to make an animal bust myself. In theory.

  8. says

    bwahahahahah!!! omg I need a gold glitter giraffe. The eyelashes just make the whole thing.

  9. says

    Meyer-imports.com makes the Best German Glass glitter. They are the ones that make glitter in different sizes. Stephanie Spear – you don’t have to be talented, you just have to be able to paste and sprinkle. Casey Fitzsimmons, try Michaels and the Christmas Tree Shops. Peach – what about a bronze glitter Buffalo? If you ever see a buffalo head like the giraffe, buy it for me, okay? Good til cancelled order, as they say on Wall Street. I think Donna here needs a collection of sparkly scarves or chunky chokers to celebrate each month. I’m on it. Ann

  10. says

    I feel like getting messy now after looking at your glue…and your giraffe is an inspiration! She is just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  11. says

    omg i just love your giraffe!!!! i have to start an online search immediately….no such store where i live…thx for sharing….

  12. says

    I noticed Donna in another one of your posts and instantly pinned the pic as a project to try later. I love her, and Im jealous.

  13. says

    I am not one who really cares for animal heads on the wall. But, gotta say this really does look pretty cool. And so glad you added Bling, bling and more bling. She’s really a beauty now.

  14. says

    Amazeballs. I now want, no, NEED, a wall of glittery animal heads in my life.
    It’ll be like I’ve butchered a particularly fabulous version of the entire cast of the Lion King. YES.

  15. says

    Great glittering tips.
    I have a mini giraff in my living room, I glued it to the top of a jar and spray painted it sliver. She makes me smile.

  16. says

    Great glittering tips.
    I have a mini giraff in my living room, I glued it to the top of a jar and spray painted it sliver. She makes me smile.

  17. says

    It made my day when i opened google reader and the first post title is Disco Giraffe. My favorite animal + my favorite craft supply. Such a treat 🙂

  18. says

    Ditto on what f said above me! A friend tweeted this to me via Pinterest and I am in love! I was hoping it was for sale and was ready with my CC to buy this at whatever cost! Alas, it is an original, which is awesome! But sad for me because I can’t remember the last time I came across a giant giraffe head, ready to be glitterized lol. Excellent job! And really great crafty tips about glitter! Thanks for sharing!

  19. says

    We call it World Market and yes, I agree, why the heck can’t they just make up their mind and decide what the name of the stupid store is? I sent the picture to my roommate and told her “I’ve found what we need over the fireplace!” She disagreed. I find Donna fascinating but don’t see hanging her in my home anytime soon but I am so excited about the glitter tutorial, I think I definitely need a lot more glitter in my life.

  20. says

    That’s so awesome! Lol @ Herpes of craft supplies. My fiance and I always come down with it after putting up the Christmas tree 😛

  21. says

    That’s so adorable! Much better than taxidermy.

  22. says

    Where did you come from? Disco hands on a giraffe; herpes glitter and this fantastic giraffe? God I love Pinterest!!

  23. Anonymous says

    Love it! Now I must search for any kind of animal head, except living of course. I figure with all that glue, it could even double as a towel hanger in my bathroom.

  24. says

    oh my god, thank you for the tute on non-shedding glitter. i love the way it looks, but just can’t stand the trail of glitter around the entire house!

  25. says

    I just used this technique on some deer I am glittering for Christmas. Oh man. Oh. man.

    • aunt peaches says

      I just saw it on Instagram. Can’t wait to see it full frontal!!!

  26. Trevor says

    Hey my boyfriend saw your giraffe on here and he fell in love with it. I love to go outside the box when giving him gifts and I think this will blow his mind b/c he really loved it. So my question is if at all possible would you sell your giraffe and how much would it cost?

    • aunt peaches says

      Sorry Trevor, she’s not for sale! Glad your boyfriend loved her though — we will take that as a compliment 😉

  27. Jen Smith says

    I LOVE it! I am utterly convinced that I must glitterize an animal bust for my wall. I see someone recommended Meyerimports.com for the glitter. Is that what you used? If not where do you recommend purchasing glitter? Then, the big question is . . . how much glitter do I need to purchase?????


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