12 February 2013

Nothing Says I Love You Like Frozen Pizza

I have a suggestion for dinner tomorrow: frozen pizza.

Yes, frozen pizza.

It's cheap, easy, and everyone likes it. It doesn't suck up a lot of time or money, thus leaving you with a few extra minutes to show your love in other ways. Because let's face it; sometimes Valentines day is about roses and champagne in a fancy restaurant, but sometimes it's about appreciating the one you love by giving them one less thing to do. 

Nothing says I love you like a frozen pizza.

...and cutting up some heart shaped pepperoni never hurt
Happy Valentines Day :)



  1. I like the heart shaped pepperoni!!! My husband and I are trying to make homemade pizza and just bought a pizza pan, so will try that with the heart shapes! LOVE IT! That is our one splurge - pizza. MUCH cheaper than having it delivered - so is frozen pizza. Happy V day, peaches.

  2. This is an automatic message from DISQUS.

  3. we always go to papa murphy's & pick up their pepperoni pizza shaped in a heart. we "take it & bake it". we're classy like that.

    1. The whole pizza is shaped like a heart? Too fun!

  4. But Valentines Day isn't tomorrow, it's Thursday :)
    This is a cute idea! Thanks Peaches!

  5. That's a good looking frozen pizza. Just from the pic I thought it was homemade :)

  6. You are so right. After a long day of work, cleaning up for our coming in-laws, and battling with a teething baby, my husband and I Dijourno-ed it up last night. One less thing to do = a few extra minutes sitting next to each other on the couch. Good any day, especially Valentine's Day.

  7. Cute and very well said. Short and simple dinner and more time to enjoy.


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