The Gift of Sloth

It’s valentines day. I just couldn’t decide what to get you…

Chocolate? Been there.

Flowers? Done that.

Jewelry? You like to pick it out yourself.

Poetry? I’m useless.

The gift of sloth? Yep. That’ll do it…

My gift to you: a party sized bucket of sloths. Happy Valentines Day!

PS: Thank you everyone who loving on the third annual Valentine Swap. My inbox is riddled with pictures of the amazing things y’all are sending each other, and my mailbox is busting (literally busting!) with cards and nifty treaties. YOU GUYS ARE TOO GOOD.  I want to give people until today to send more in, but I’ll show pictures later tomorrow. In the meantime, go see what amazing things people what been posting on my Facebook wall (and join in if you have a photo to share). 

PPS: In the mood for a twenty second love story? This is it. 


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    What a lovely gift! I just told my cat how cute the sloth-bucket was, but he was indifferent and continued his nap.

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    Eep! I heart them! Thanks and Happy V Day to you, you wonderful Valentine Elf.

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    This is too funny; my 13 year-old daughter once made the comment that if I were an animal I would be a sloth. After a few moments irritation with the little ingrate, I realized she was right in some ways-sleeping does make my top 5. I can’t wait to show her this adorable post so she can see how cute sloths actually are (& therefore me, too?).

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