Bramble Patch: March 2013

A list of happy distractions from the month of March. 15 Assumptions you should make today. Thoughts on tipping and tooting. Marbleized eggs the easy way. The secret? Shaving cream. Why didn’t I see this three weeks ago? …I’ll also be making these leopard beauties next year.  A beautifully made reminder to live in the […]

No Mess Easter Grass

So, I was talking to my friend Amy week about what she was putting in her kiddo’s Easters baskets. She says this and that and a whiz-bang-whatsit…and then she drops a bomb: No Easter Grass. Amy runs a no Easter grass household. Amy is a neatknick. Nobody gets to wear shoes in her house and […]

Ruffled Easter Baskets

I have a thing for Easter baskets. Big ones, small ones, inbetween… Man, I love an Easter basket. At any given time you will find 20+ Easter baskets in my pantry filled with canned goods and dish towels and everything in between. Not a chocolate bunny in the bunch, sadly. Seeing as I get my […]

Happy Weekend

I’m back from vacation, huzzah! It was a glorious, fun, family filled romp through Mississippi with a brief stop in New Orleans (see Jackson Square below). It was sunshine and warm weather aplenty. On the rare occasions the sun went away the fried food came out. Somewhere inbetween azalea bushes and shrimp po boys, I […]

Duct Tape Easter Eggs

I had grand plans to make leopard print Easter eggs this year, all gussied up and handpainted brown and black spots with badass brass studs around the circumference. Yeah! They were going to be sparkly. They were going to be Vegas. They were going to be amazing. Yes, I had grand plans to do lots […]

Rainbows Wanted

Know what I love? Rainbows. Know what I love more than rainbows? Combative rainbows. Ballsy, confrontational, resourceful and creative rainbows designed to balance hate with love and peace. This house has it all. This house made my day. This house needs our help. Six months ago, Planting Peace purchased this house in the suburbs of […]

Peep Show

After every holiday I sit down and make a quick list of all the things I meant to do but never got done. It can be a little depressing but it provides a road map for where to start the following year (my fellow bloggers will appreciate this). Well, for THREE YEARS now I have […]

The Semiotics of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of hundreds of saints days but it’s one of the very few observed outside the Catholic faith. To some, this day is devoted to the man who brought Catholicism to Ireland. To others, it’s a day to wear Irish sweaters and get sloppy drunk off green beer. To me, it’s […]

The Rainbow Connection

When I was a kid, Saint Patrick’s Day was symbolized by drunk white guys, purple cabbage, and multi-colored rice crispy treats made with off-brand Lucky Charms cereal. Maybe we would watch a parade on TV.  At some point a bagpipe album would come on.  Someone might wear a green polo shirt otherwise reserved for Saturdays […]

Eggs in the Air

A Poem: I have eggs in a basket.Eggs in a tree. Eggs in a chandelier.Rhyming is hard. I decided I liked the ornaments hanging on Mrs. Snow for the holidays, so I followed suit with hollowed out eggs. Now I sit under it and worry the eggs will fall any second, but it’s okay because […]