Bramble Patch: March 2013

A list of happy distractions from the month of March.

15 Assumptions you should make today.

Thoughts on tipping and tooting.

Marbleized eggs the easy way. The secret? Shaving cream. Why didn’t I see this three weeks ago?

…I’ll also be making these leopard beauties next year. 

A beautifully made reminder to live in the moment.

Have you heard about Gizgogle? It’s a parody website that converts webpages into slang. Click here to read mine. I can’t decide if it’s funny or offensive, but it makes me feel like I’m reading an early 90’s edition of MTV Jams. I’ll take it.

Meet Edith Windsor, the hero of the Marriage Equality movement. 

Wholly Toledo, I love this gal’s Pinterest page. Talk about a rabbit hole! 

Speaking of Pinterest, for anyone who has ever pinned some judgmental “weight loss = self-love + self-discipline” type of meme (you know who you are), this article was meant for you.

New wedding trend: Granny Flower Girls. 

Want to give $25 of someone else’s money away to a person in need? Michelle has the hook up.

I have always felt hesitant about increasing my sponsored posts. After reading this post from Maegan yesterday, I am not going to let myself feel bad about it anymore. Period.

Speaking of promotions…Kindle readers, did you know you can get 18 works of Jane Austen for 99cents? Or what about Anne of Green Gables? Or 55 works of Charles Dickens? Or a host of other authors, all for just 99 cents. Woot!

Looking to expand your craft blog scope? Amy’s got 50 you should see.

Most popular post this month: Duct Tape Easter Eggs. Not everyone wants to dye eggs, go figure?

Reading: Blink by Malcom Gladwell. Non-fiction, easy, fascinating read about how people think. Why are some people excellent decision makers while others are totally inept? It’s not a self-help book but it’s oddly helpful. If you have never read his book The Tipping Point, start there first.

Watching: Game of Thrones. I used to make fun of people obsessed with knights and dragons. Now I’m one of them. What?

Munching: Buttercrunch cashews. Don’t even ask.

Listening: 1940/50’s Novelty Jazz. Slim Gillard. Carmen McRae. Louis Prima. What’s that? You don’t like Italian supper club soundtracks? Fine. Check out the ten best bands of SXSW.

Wearing: Mardi Gras beads. Came back from vacation with 25 pounds of the stuff. Pictures to follow next week 🙂


  1. says

    So fun, saw you included my leopard eggs in your post today! They were a blast to make and promise, super simple. You’ll definitely have to send over a photo of the finished product. Next year. Although, haha, I think I may be making some ideas I’ve been seeing AFTER Easter. Who says decorating eggs must be narrowed down to one weekend per year. 😉 Thanks again for the mention. You have awesome readers and it’s been fun seeing them stop by!

    • says

      You have some great stuff! Glad to feature those gorgeous eggs. I am mighty jealous. Hat tip to…she is the one who told me about your amazing eggs in the first place.

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh good. Are you purposely promoting homosexuality and farting? Disgusting.

  3. says

    Really?! Because Pinterest isn’t enough of a giant time-suck?! Adding her page was kinda mean ;-D

  4. says

    I enjoyed Meagan’s post about sponsored blogs. Her comments for that post were off, so I thought I would just mention here that I agree with her, I do enjoy YOUR sponsored posts, Peaches, too. I want to read honest feedback on products and if YOU get something out of it, well HELLS yes, get something out of it. I trust your integrity enough to know you would not try to bamboozle your readers. I think it is just jealousy that makes readers hate sponsored posts. No one is going to pay them for their opinion.
    Furthermore, Meagan, if you read these comments on Aunt Peaches’s blog, I freakin’ LOVE L’Oreal BB Cream. Got a free tube of it and it makes my 39 year old face look smooth and has made it baby soft.
    I am a Beauty Adviser at Walgreens (glorified cashier/stock girl working for minimum wage, but LOVE the perks like free stuff, samples, etc) and I have so many things I can recommend. I find myself going to L’Oreal BB Cream every time.
    Keep up the good work, Bloggers! I hope you get rich at this. Someone has to!

    • says

      Thanks Brandi! That is really kind of you.

      As an expert, can you recommend your favorite mascara? I am a mascara hound. I think I have 2 tubes of lipstick, but MASCARA, like whoa….I can’t get enough. And it’s not the sort of thing you want to sample at the store, even if they let you, you know? I’d be happy for an insider recommendation.

    • says

      Right now I am digging Rimmel’s Volume Accelerator and also using the Lash Accelerator. My lashes are a bit more thick and fluffy, but sadly they are still the same mousy brown. Right now at Walgreens you can get a promo pack of the mascara or the accelerator serum with an eye pencil.
      I also received a free tube of Maybelline Rocket Lash. Now I cannot wear their flagship mascara, Great Lash, because it makes my eyes swell, so I was hesitant to try this one. But it is ok, however, it can get a bit clumpy.
      A new one out by Cover Girl is Clump Buster. Now to me, the wand looks exactly like any other mascara wand, but I am going to try it and see how well it works. If you have a Balance Rewards membership at Walgreens, you can buy one and get the other half off, plus there should be a Cover Girl coupon at the cosmetics counter.
      No matter what mascara you go for, try the Lash Accelerator serum by Rimmel as the first coat. It helps the mascara come off easier, I think.
      You are not the only mascara hoarder in the U.S. Mascara is seriously a super hot seller and my absolute most hated item to restock!!!! I touch more mascara in a day than I can shake a stick at!
      Hot hot hot mascara sellers?….L’Oreal and Cover Girl! All formulations!
      Wait, I take that back…fucking nail polishes!!! UGH!!!!

  5. says

    1940’s/50’s novelty jazz. I love it. When I go into a restaurant and late 1950’s, early 1960’s jazz is in the background, I have been known to a) sing along (I know 95% of the words; thanks dad) and b) ask the hostess if I can get a 10% discount on my meal if I can name every song AND who sings it. So far, no takers. When the hostess says, “The music? I don’t even listen to it,” I’m fairly certain the meal will be so-so. You don’t know Ella and Dean and Sammy and Frank and Sarah and Nat? /sigh

    • says

      As a former restaurant hostess, I apologize for any of us who do not know the cannon of Sammy Davis Junior. For shame!

      Sing it: Who can make a sunrise?…

  6. says

    I think Meaghan comes off as a colossal bitch, and a coward to boot, in that. Um, in a commercial you know it is an advertisement. When the actor says what he or she is wearing on the red carpet, you know she didn’t buy it, and it is product placement. When the Little League team wears shirts that say Waste Management on the back, I figure WM bought the shirt, not that a 7 yr old is independently endorsing a product. When you read a magazine, or newspaper, there are items that look like articles, but aren’t, and they say they are sponsored. So I don’t know why a blogger would care that s/he has to do the equivalent of what a magazine does. It doesn’t make the content any less true or relevant. I love Mark Montano. He does sponsored posts all the time. And he wouldn’t be a wimp, and turn off the comments. I love you, sponsor post away, my dear, monetize the heck out of your blog…but shoot, if you are given something, be Meryl Streep and saying “Im wearing Viva Paper Towels.”
    BTW – first time I ever read Meaghan, and it is the last.

    • says

      I didn’t read Magaen’s post as bitchy at all but I can totally see why it might come off that way (I have unintentionally come off as a bitch on this blog on more than one occasion). This is off topic but I think it’s worth noting that is HARD to defend one’s self in writing, in one’s own forum/blog/publication, without it coming across as a self-indulgent rant. There is this unspoken rule that says it’s okay for readers to leave critical comments about bloggers, but it’s never okay for the blogger to behave the same in return. Magaen gets more mean-spirited comments about her life/looks/sponsorship arrangements than most bloggers I know – so in this case, I think she reached her limit and flipped. I too have flipped, written the response and everything *just short* of publishing on a couple of occasions. So let’s just say I can empathize… (am I rambling? I’m rambling, sorry).
      And yes, I hear about disclosure standards. Not only is it the law, it’s just good common sense. I usually tell people where I get stuff, don’t you? Especially if it’s a good product. With so much crap and advertising out there, it’s nice to hear something word of mouth from an honest-to-gosh human being.

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