22 March 2013

Happy Weekend

I'm back from vacation, huzzah! It was a glorious, fun, family filled romp through Mississippi with a brief stop in New Orleans (see Jackson Square below). It was sunshine and warm weather aplenty. On the rare occasions the sun went away the fried food came out. Somewhere inbetween azalea bushes and shrimp po boys, I picked up an alligator head and some dirty cheap turquoise jewelry. Get excited, people!

I'll show some more pictures next week, but in the meantime I am planning to be at home this weekend, catching up on life and laundry. I don't know about you, but I always try to time vacations at the end of a busy season. The upside is that when things are most hectic, I have something to look forward to. The downside is that when I come back from vacation, all the other things I have been pushing off for six weeks will get condensed into one blitz-busting weekend. Taxes - Hayo!

We'll see how far I get...

Happy weekend! 


  1. Wait. An alligator head? Please tell me it's not a real one. Looking forward to whatever you come up with but just a tad scared.

  2. Oh my--glad you gotta a getawy!!

  3. Ok, I’m dying to know… Did you see any Indians while in New Orleans?

    1. Argh, good question!

      I did see them, but not in the parade. The timing was weird and parking was a mess so we saw some getting ready...even jumped out to take some pictures, but alas, no parade. Next year!

    2. That’s too bad about the parade, still seeing some Indians suiting up as got to be awesome! Mardi Gras Indians are on my bucket list.


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