Washi Tape Shelf Edging

Here’s a simple something worth a lookyloo. Washi Tape. It’s my thing. It’s like…Hey, I’m Washi Tape. High strung Japanese teenagers use me to make school supplies look cool. Now you can use me to seal your envelopes and the utility company will think you are all cutting edge like that. Yeah, I’m Washi Tape. […]

As You Wish, Monopoly

Good news: Someone created a Monopoly board based on the movie The Princess Bride. And you know how I feel about The Princess Bride. And I have an Inigo Montoya on black velvet painting to prove it. Bad news: It is not for sale. It was made by a fan. It’s like fan fiction but […]

Bramble Patch: April 2013

  Follow me on Instagram. Some of my favorite distractions from the month of April. Anyone getting their Cinco DeMayo on? This quick take on the old donkey pinata has me feeling like a solid gold Frida Kahlo. I need this sucker hanging over my claw foot bathtub year round. Thirteen mega-handy photography tips for […]

Big Pinky: Ticket Stub Art

Google the term “World’s Fugliest Painting” and you will get 51,700 results. Then last weekend at Goodwill, I hit #51,701. It was beige. It was flowered. It was HUGE. It was $7.00.  Ladies and Gents, do you know how much a 4’x5’  canvas at an art store costs?  A Helluvah lot more than $7.00, that’s […]

Portrait of a Lady

My friend Kelly sent me a link to something called ReplaceFace – a Tumblr feed of military portraits, only the faces of the original Russian generals have been replaced with the heads of celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, and Jack Nicholson. Kelly, knowing my fondness for photoshopped weird things, thought I might want to […]

Bag of Tricks: Fruit Sack Pot Scrubber

People are always giving me crap about hoarding random things but then, when I convert those “things” into useful stuff and they’re all WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? So, listen, I’m telling y’all now: save your produce bags. The plastic mesh ones that are used to bind up lemons and oranges and onions. Clip the […]

Paper Cups and Thoughts on Stuff

 Yay! Today I am guest posting a fun and easy tutorial on paper cup lanterns over at Elizabeth Banks. Actually, thing is, I’m a day late on this. My post went up yesterday. Today if you go to www.elizabethbanks.com you will see another post, a post I would much rather you read than my thing […]

The Faceless Stuff

When I was a kid my mother used to tell me that it was silly to be afraid of anything with a face. It’s the faceless stuff you have to worry about. As a kid, that notion was a comfort — as adult, it’s a frightening prospect. Indeed, it is the things that come without […]