Easter Bonnets Part Deux: Coffee Filter Flower Hats

So, as you may have seen in my earlier post Easter Bonnets Part Un, a few weeks ago, I was fixin up some fascinator style hats the Saturday before Easter (yes, last minute is my middle name). Anyway, so I am sitting there feeling very self-congratulatory about how cute those little hats looked when WHOMP I get an email from Michelle showing off Easter Bonnets made from using leftover coffee filter flowers she made using my tutorial.

Well crap. How was I going to not make some great big kahuna hats like Michelle?

Facinators be darned, it needed to happen!

Before you read anything else, click over to check out Michelle’s hats.

I just love it when this happens — one person puts something out there, then another person takes it in a another direction, then the first person grooves on it all over and again and tosses it back out. If Michelle and were musicians, I think this would make us a jam band.

If you saw last week’s tutorial, this is just a variation on that. Instead of fringing and stapling one color of coffee filter to make chrysanthemum-like flowers, this uses layers of multiple shapes and colors to make peony-like flowers. Once you get an assembly line going, it’s easy to crank out a dozen of these suckers in no time flat.


  • Hat Base. I am using a sculpture wrapped in a dish cloth to protect it from the hot glue, but a roll of paper towels wrapped in an old T-shirt will work just fine. 
  • Baseball Hat. You probably have one of these in your closet, or pick one up at a thrift store for 50cents.
  • Hot glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Stapler.
  • Pre-dyed coffee filters. Click here for directions , it’s very easy. All you need is food coloring and water. To make the turban below, I used 13 flowers, each made of 7 filters. That’s 91 altogether, plus a few green leaves, so let’s call it an even 100. You can buy 100 filters for a dollar at any grocery store.      

Start by cutting off the bill of the baseball hat. If you are left with a ragged edge, or just like the look, trim off the bottom with some green filters cut into leafs shapes. Or use some leaves cut from fabric or taken from a silk plant. Your call.

Using whatever combination you see fit, layer 4-8 filters and staple four times in the formation of a square in the middle of the flower. One by one, pull and pinch each layer of filter toward the middle of the flower. Using the square of staples on the back as your base, draw a circle of hot glue and attach to the hat, starting at the outside perimeter and spiraling toward the center.

There you have it. The flower turban to end all flower turbans! I decided this needed a little ooumph so I added a few red poppies I had sitting in my drawer-o-flowers. And while I was in there, I pulled out a bunch more flowers and attached them to a big floppy beach hat. 

Actually, this is the way I made in the flower turban seen in my profile pic and the Matte Stephens portrait. One of my favorite long-time readers, a therapy pig named Stella Dora Von Swineburg, has been asking me how to make this for months now. I know Stella loves a good hat because she keeps a whole Pinterest board devoted to them. Stella, I hope you like this turban because it is now in a box and headed your way!


  1. Sarah Quamy says

    To the grocery store! Or a royal wedding, but seeing as I was not on the invite list I’ll settle for the grocery store!

  2. says

    This type of thing clearly must be worn when the risk of photos being taken of you is high to ensure maximum media coverage. I’d say an indictment, or wedding, or prom, OOH PROM, take some attention away from the girls pushing the dress code boundaries. Or, if you find out Cops is filming in your town….

  3. says

    I think this fancy hat needs to be worn at an outdoor orchestra event. Most likely in a park.

  4. says

    Sqeeeeaaalll!!!! I just entered the contest on facebook Squeeeaal!!! I can’t beleive my good fortune!
    My homom says we will have an outing with me sporting your devine creation!!

  5. says

    With a pair of 4″ red heels (and nothing else) on satin sheets, a bucket of champagne, candles and your lover. Probably TMI, but what the hell, I’m 69 and I have a good memory.

  6. says

    I say anywhere and everywhere. If I saw someone wearing one these hats it would make me happy. Just make sure it isn’t raining.

  7. says

    Such gorgeous hats! I think they would look great at a picnic or outdoor party, as well as the day races.

  8. says

    Hats are great anywhere, but Sunday Mass is where I’d be stylin’.

  9. Anonymous says

    I think I need to wear it to my home-school high school graduation, (no robes yay!)

    akladd94 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. says

    These are fantastic – makes me want to throw a party just for the occasion of wearing hats. Hmm…Kentucky Derby, Royal Weddings, Garden Party, Mad Hatter’s Tea, Daquiri-do-da-day? (OK, so some of those aren’t real things, but no matter!)

    But even if I don’t get around to throwing a party, just wearing it when I need a pick me up would work wonders. Doing taxes = crappy, but doing taxes in a fantastic hat = much less crappy 🙂

  11. says

    Your hats are really cool. I would love to wear any of them to a garden party, or a trip to the zoo with the kids. Yep, I love your hats.

  12. says

    I’m touring a Rose Garden in Brenham, Texas next weekend. I could wear it there and give the roses an inferiority complex:)

    I commented in Facebook and Twitter, also.

  13. says

    I would think to a doctor’s appointment, because if you show up with that big colorful hat on your head, everyone is going to pay attention to you and be extra curious about what you have to say

  14. Anonymous says

    This could be a fun project to do with my granddaughter. We’ll see.
    I’m loving the pink straw bag! Where???


  15. says

    You can wear these hats ANYWHERE and they will get wonderful attention and awe, they deserve it. Then you should share and let someone else where them for a day… pass them forward, I say, let someone else smile too… ajp2020@charter.net

  16. says

    I would wear this to church show the people in my parish how you are supposed to dress on a Sunday!

    Luv em!

  17. says


    – looklita at gmail dot com

  18. Anonymous says

    Oh the things you can do with coffee filters! Brava! Life is short…be fabulous and wear that hat where ever you want to. I agree with other post, the laundromat. Work it.

  19. says

    Thanks Aunt Peaches! You really took this to the next level. I love the turban!!! xoxo
    I can’t believe i missed this original post.

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