The Tao of Mr. Rogers

My friend Karen sent me a link to this quote last week, just at a time when I needed to read it:

I take this as a reminder to improve my ‘tude. Not just because it’ll make me feel better, but because it will have a positive impact on those around me, which will, in turn, reflect back on yours truly. It’s like an emotional investment strategy. And a pretty smart one at that.

I can’t find my favorite Mr. Rogers quote (wtf, Interwebs?) but I know he said it because it has stuck in my head for 25+ years. Ahem; “Kindness is always a choice.

Is that not the most profound thing you ever heard?


Okay, so I’ll say it: I am a kind person. I know this to be a fact because my third grade teacher wrote it on my report card. So that pretty much makes it official, obviously. But, okay, I know that I don’t always behave with kindness. In fact, sometimes I’m a raving b*tch.  And yes, I have been known to have a bad temper. I’m pretty good at confrontation. I don’t like being told what to do. And there may have been a time I physically dragged a cab driver out of his car, over his seat belt, and into the street.

…but I digress.

I choose kindness.

When I think about it.

Which is a lot.

But not nearly enough.

And what is the remedy for this?

I need to watch more Mr. Rogers.…SPEAKING OF WHICH!

Whoever it was that found my website last week by googling “did mr rogers have tattoos” you, yes you, are awesome. Totally made my day. No idea how you got here but it made my day. This is like that first quote come to life. Someone goes googling for crazyness and I’m all THIS IS AMAZING. WE ARE KINDRED SPIRITS. I TOTALLY WONDERED ABOUT THAT TOO.



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    Adorable! A little kick in the psyche to get your kind on is always a good idea. I also love checking out the google salad that leads folks to my blog.

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    It’s good to practice being kind, especially when you have the time. Take a few seconds with someone you interact with once a day or more. It’s better if they are complete strangers.

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    Aaaaah, the wisdom that is Mr. Rogers. What a great post. And I love that specific quote of his that kindness is a choice. I think we often forget how much of a choice we have in all things and that if we want a lovely life, filled with happiness, kindness to others, and great things altogether, it is simply up to us to make that choice. Sometimes the choice is, like you mentioned, as simple as an attitude change. I recently made a similar attitude change where I work to no longer see the bad in people but remind myself that they are people too, with dreams, aspirations and the like and when I am upset by others, to not hold it against them. Since it is my choice to be bothered by something. And instead I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I’d wish the same. I think it’s about recognizing that we all have the same ultimate goal in life, to be happy, whatever the means. And if we can focus on what we have in common and not where we differ, I feel that the kindness will unfold moreso.

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    Actually no Mr. Rogers did not have any tattoos. How do I know because I googled it. It’s kind of an urban legend about him and Captain Kangaroo…
    anyways no Mr Roger did not have tattoos.

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