28 February 2013

Bramble Patch February 2013

A list of my favorite internet distractions from the month of February. 

I wish someone had shown this to me twenty years ago. For anyone who has a shy kid (or adult) in their life, read this.

Cats the look like pinups. Enough said.

Have an event coming up? Consider bulk flowers at a great price.

I can't decide: Frenchie or Pee Wee?

I am in a month-long process of removing color from my kitchen (I heart the hot pink but it's overstimulating and never looks clean). Fickle as I am, this post is now making me think of painting the insides of my cabinets tomato red!

Anyone have a munchkin who has outgrown their toy car collection? Put them to good use.

Well known movie critic Rex Reed wrote a scathing review of the new movie Identify Thief. That was okay, but then he decided that his article would be a good time to write vile, offensive things about Melissa McCarty's weight. Not okay. So for the first time ever, everyone on the internet got together, had a meeting, and communally decided to tear him a new one. Read the comments.

Anyone who has ever sifted through a pile of resumes will appreciate this.

My friend Vicki made the most fabulous three dimensional Valentines. I am stealing this idea for next year's Valentine swap!

Listen, not everyone can be as talented as I am when it comes to making typos. For anyone who needs to brush up on their grammar, this is a great resource at a bargain price. It's geared toward creative bloggers, but really, just about anyone could benefit.

Reading: Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's like candy. Helps me get my Hunger Games fix until the next movie comes out in November.

Watching: Celebrity Wife Swap. What's worse; that I admit I watch it or that I enjoy it?

Munching: Girl Scout cookies. Don't act like I'm alone on that one.

Listening: Tallest Man in the World, The Dreamer

Wearing: Leopard rubber boots (see above). Perfect gear for snow soup season. I don't see them for sale at Target anymore, but these plaid babies are running a close second.

Most popular post this month: Donna, the Disco Giraffe.

27 February 2013

Giant Candy Bar Gift Box

Ten years ago I ran a side business making centerpieces for Bar and Bat Mitzavahs. They were large, hotel ballroom type affairs filled with loud music, bad food, lycra-clad dance teams, and people named Mel.  I loved it.

My work was not much to look at. It was a lot of soccer players. Magician hats. Balloons. Balloons. Balloons.

It sounds like an easy gig, but catering to 12 and 13-year-old clients is rougher than you might expect. Lack of opinions. Comparisons to older siblings. Marsha. Marsha. Marsha. 

One time, a client’s mother wanted the table markers to be giant candy bars (coordinating to real candy bar place cards, naturally). I think they were expecting me to carve them out of foam or something, but with a 200 person event with 20 different tables, that just wasn’t an option. So I made due; I bought a Snickers bar, ate said snickers bar, flattened the wrapper, took it to a copy shop, had them print out a blown-up enlargement, then folded it back to look like the real thing. Presto!   

Personally, I thought it was awesome. The client thought it looked “too much like a trade show” and decided to switch to a garden party theme at the last minute. Urghhhhh. What is the Yiddish word for dithering indecisiveness?

Anyway, somewhere in the process I realized this concept could be applied to something bigger than just a one-time centerpiece. Why not stuff the thing with candy and give it away? Why not take the thing and hang it on a wall? Delicious, three dimensional art anyone?

Making this is easy. And it cost five bucks. $1.89 for the Snickers bar. $3.00 to have the copy shop enlarge it to 11”x17”...add scissors and double-stick tape, that’s it.

In addition to the candy bar you purchase (and eat) for the wrapper to take to a copy shot, I suggest you buy a second one to use as a model when assembling. It will look far more realistic if the folds are in just the right place. 

Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Snickers.

25 February 2013

One of the best parts of running a blog is getting emails from readers each week. These emails, these snippets of life from strangers, neighbors, women and men, all ages, all backgrounds; all of them touching me with their thoughts, many of them asking questions as though I would know something they don’t.   

Well color me fancy pants.

Most of the questions are related to specific posts or craft projects, but by far, the question I get most often goes something like this;
Can you give me career advice? I'm 20 something and hate my current job/prospects/living situation. I'm lost. I need direction. What should I do with my life?
As flattered as I am, questions like this are an odd request because 1. I rarely talk about my work on the blog, so why would anyone reading this think I have a leg up? And 2. Despite the popular misconception that I am some sort of spangled grandmother, I’m actually 33. Now, I understand that to a 22-year-old, 33 is next to Mesozoic, but in reality, I am still in on the learning curve myself. Given that, and in light of the fact that I have had 18 jobs in the last 15 years, clearly, I have no business giving advice on this matter.   

So, one night last week, I sat down and wrote down the things I wish someone would have told me back then. And then I went and asked some Facebook friends to chime in the best career advice anyone ever gave them (some quotes pulled below, link at the end).  I'm hoping that between me, them, you, and What Color is Your Parachute, there is hope for us all!

1. It gets better
Scientific Fact: Most of the interesting people over 40 will tell you they hated their jobs in their twenties. This is living proof that the concept of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is not only possible, it is probable.

2. Comparing yourself to others is toxic and stupid.
The vast majority of the people who find thriving careers in their early twenties burn out by age thirty (sorry overachievers!) These folks either quit their respective industry or become stay at home parents – both of which are admirable decisions – but if you are 27 and feeling dumpy because your friends have more focus/accolades/bar money, chill out and be thankful it hasn't hit you yet. As long as you work hard and can put a roof over your head, you are doing it right. The rest will happen in time. Good things are worth the wait.

3. Just admit it, your Mom had a point.
Your parents have probably already given you some good advice. Don't ignore it just because they are your parents. There was a time when these people took your temperature in your butt hole, so don't act like they don't know what's up.

22 February 2013

Weekend at the Movies

Usually when people talk about putting children on reality television I envision some poor child dragged into their parent’s doomed and pathetic pursuit of fame. Toddler beauty queens. Balloon boys. Racially ambiguous octuplets. Or really, any run-of-the-mill, doe-eyed spawn of a histrionic psychopath.

You know the type.

But it hasn’t always been like this. In 1964, a young man in England sat down with a group of 14 7-year-old children and interviewed them on camera. The resulting footage was parceled into something called 7 Up, a documentary which has come to be credited as the grandfather of all reality television, and more importantly, one of the most exciting social experiments of modern time. 

If you have taken a basic psychology class in the last 30 years (or just grew up in the UK), you probably watched a few installments. For everyone else, I’ll break it down: The aim was to show the lives typical British children; their homes, their towns, their basic routines. There were rich kids, poor kids, and some in-between. Some shy, some smart, some silly. Some were clearly coming from loving and supportive homes, while others were fending for themselves in a state-run orphanage or highly-privileged boarding school. A snapshot sampling of all walks of life – age seven.

Then, seven years later, when the kids were 14, they went back and interviewed them as teenagers. Did the smart one succeed in school? Was the pretty girl getting too much attention from boys? Was the littlest asshole still behaving like a jerk? Fascinating.

Then they went back and did it again at age 21.

Then 28, then so on and so on, every seven years, until today – age 56.

56Up is now in my local theater and I can’t wait to see it! It came out in the UK last year but is only hitting some theaters in the US right now. (First Downton – now  this. Gahhh. Why are the Brits so anxious to make us wait? )

If you are one of the generations of followers who have been anxiously awaiting the latest installment, check the website to see when it will be near you. If you are new to the series, I recommend you start from the beginning (at least watch the first one and a couple in the middle) before seeing 56 Up. Lucky for you, they are available on Netflix and Youtube. Come on! Get a craft project going…a cat…some wine…eleventy billion hours of documentary footage…Not a bad way to spend a cold and dreary February weekend. Who is with me?

Here, I’ll get you started:

Happy Weekend!

21 February 2013

Disco Giraffe

Why is there a glittered disco giraffe in my living room?

Why the Hell not?

Giraffes are great. Glittered giraffes are especially great. They lend a certain Out of Africa meets Leslie Hall je ne sais quoi.

Plus, they look just like Donna Summer.

See what I mean?

19 February 2013

Let's Talk

If you have two minutes to spare today, I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short reader survey. I will use this information to develop and expand features you see on the blog and it will influence how I invest time in future posts.

Not everyone is as communicative as Lola. How will I know what YOU think unless you tell me?
Up until now, www.auntpeaches.com has mostly been my personal sandbox where I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want. And while that will never change; I am hoping to be more consistent and work with you directly. So tell me, what do you want to see? What do you want to talk about?

Well…I’m listening.

Please be assured that your survey answers will be kept anonymous. No names. No IP addresses.
I encourage you to be as honest as possible. Your feedback is the key in helping auntpeaches.com improve as a website, and me as a blogger. So help a sister out? Take two minutes to fill out this survey. THANKS A BUNCH!

PS: The survey will only be up temporarily, so get your answers in quick, please.

18 February 2013

My Work is Done

 Considering it’s Monday – in February mind you – and I am still coming off last night’s 30 minute post Downton Abbey ugly cry, yes, you could say I was having a rough morning. Somewhere in-between clearing my inbox and watching videos of Pomeranians dancing to BeyoncĂ©, I opened an email from a long-time reader, Julie, that prompted a rainbow to fly out my butt.

With Julie’s permission, I am sharing it here with you.   

"Dear Aunt Peaches

I am big on writing thank you letters and I owe you a thank you. Probably the biggest thank you of my life. Are you ready?

In August 2010 you published a recipe for a chocolate zucchini cake with peanut butter cups [The Liza Minelli of Cake] and it looked so amazing I let out a small scream when I saw it on my computer screen at work (I work in a library, so everyone noticed.) My brother Mathew loves Liza Minelli so I even commented that I was going to make it for him (see "anonymous" Sep 1. I never comment on blogs so it's strange that I did, but now I wish I had at least put my name. You'll know why in a minute.)
On September 14, 2010 I made the cake and brought it to a restaurant where we had dinner to celebrate Mathew’s birthday with his friends and coworkers, including his super hunky coworker Jake. I had a passing crush on Jake for months but he never paid attention to me, even though he will tell you different now. (We know the truth.) (Don’t tell him I said so.) Long story short, everyone loved the cake. Jake liked the cake so much that he started asking me how to make it, we started talking, one thing led to another, we got together. Can you tell where this is going?

Two and half years later I came home last Thursday to find my valentines gift – a beautiful homemade dinner topped with, of course, that peanut butter cup cake. His wasn’t as pretty as mine
(Don’t tell him I said so.) but it tasted amazing. Then what did I find at the bottom of my slice? A ring!!!!!!! We are engaged!

Later that night, when I complimented him on his delivery he said he had been planning it that way since day one because, and I quote, “That cake is where it all started.”

I am so happy right now. I did not see this coming at all. We are already planning to serve that cake at our wedding and we will say a toast to you. Thank you for getting the ball started. I owe you one!


That’s right y’all: I made a love cake. This recipe will no longer be called The Liza Minelli of Cake, but The Man Catcher Cake.

Congratulations Julie and Jake!

May you enjoy a lifetime of blessings and peanut butter cups! 


15 February 2013

Love is in the Air

My mailbox has been busting open with so many Valentines I hardly know what to do with myself. Y'all, I don't even know.

Here I am, going all year with nothing but junk mail and coupons for Thai food and snow tires....then February hits and I feel more loved than a baby sloth. AND THAT'S A LOT OF LOVE.

If you sent one my way, please know that each of you will receive a personal response, I assure you, although I don't know if I am able to match each one of you in creative output. I am so touched. So very touched. Even Lola got a few cards and nifty bits too! She is the only cat I know who owns a handmade leopard purse (see pic in slide show below). Lola will be responding in her own special way...     

I hope everyone who participated in  the valentine swap is enjoying their mailboxes these days (I know I sure am!) These photos in the slide show are just a handful of photos of the valentines in circulation right now. Aren't they gorgeous?

Created with flickrSLiDR.

Thank you to everyone who shared these photos with me. With more than 1200 valentines in circulation this year, I could not include pictures from everyone, so these are just a few of my favorites. If you have more pictures, or posted images on your own blog,  please include a link in the comments below. I know we are all curious to see more!  

PS: If you are expecting/missing your Valentines, keep in mind some are coming from overseas and may be taking a little while longer.

PPS: If you signed up for Valentines and did not send them yet, what are you waiting for? Don't stew on it and just get something creative in an envelope and out the door! So what if it's late? The recipient will still be delighted. Now go! 

14 February 2013

The Gift of Sloth

It’s valentines day. I just couldn’t decide what to get you...

Chocolate? Been there.

Flowers? Done that.

Jewelry? You like to pick it out yourself.

Poetry? I’m useless.

The gift of sloth? Yep. That’ll do it…

My gift to you: a party sized bucket of sloths. Happy Valentines Day!

PS: Thank you everyone who loving on the third annual Valentine Swap. My inbox is riddled with pictures of the amazing things y'all are sending each other, and my mailbox is busting (literally busting!) with cards and nifty treaties. YOU GUYS ARE TOO GOOD.  I want to give people until today to send more in, but I'll show pictures later tomorrow. In the meantime, go see what amazing things people what been posting on my Facebook wall (and join in if you have a photo to share). 

PPS: In the mood for a twenty second love story? This is it. 

13 February 2013

Confetti Cake Toppers

Cold evenings in late February. Cottage pie with friends. King cake for an appetizer. Chocolate cake for dessert. Paper valentines on the walls. Mardi Gras beads on the door. Paper hats on our heads. There is so much to celebrate...

Cake Logic

I have a five minute rule about cake decorating. It goes like this:
"No spending more than five minutes on decorating a cake."
I really built the lead-up on that one, didn’t I?

See, I don’t think I, or anyone for that matter, will spend more than five minutes eating a slice of cake. And by that logic, that means I will spend less than five minutes appreciating a cake. And by that logic, why would I, or anyone else for that matter, spend a whole afternoon making something that will be consumed and destroyed in a speck of moments.

This is what I call cake logic.

This is why I like about cake toppers – they dress up any cake and you get a keepsake at the end of the night. And in this case, even if you toss the topper out, nobody has to feel bad about it because it did not cost any time or money to make. Huzzah much?

The idea for these cake toppers piggy backs on THIS tutorial for hot glue hearts I made for Elizabeth Banks’ blog last week. If you saw it already you can probably skip this post. If not, click here to check it out yourself.

You saw the first tutorial? Okay. Great. (Temporary Update Feb 2014: Sorry if that link does not work right now. Elizabethbanks.com transferred to a Tumblr site and the URL was never transferred. I'm told they will update it, but in the meantime, just read the rest of the post. I think you'll get the crux of it. Thanks guys!) (Another update March 2014: click here to find it courtesy of the wayback machine)  

Can you see where this is going?

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Lay your parchment paper on a flat surface and start drawing with the glue gun. Need a template? Use a pencil to write down any number or shapes first.

While the glue is still hot (read: work quickly) insert a toothpick in the base. Then go back over it with another round of glue and dump the whole thing with confetti. See any bald patches? Go back with more glue, more confetti. Lather, rinse, repeat. Assuming you already have some confetti ready to go, this will take you 90 seconds tops. 

So that was easy. But why stop at numbers? How about letters? For you initials...or maybe a secret message?

Next birthday I'm going to spell out my whole name in confetti and cake. Who is with me?


12 February 2013

I have a suggestion for dinner tomorrow: frozen pizza.

Yes, frozen pizza.

It's cheap, easy, and everyone likes it. It doesn't suck up a lot of time or money, thus leaving you with a few extra minutes to show your love in other ways. Because let's face it; sometimes Valentines day is about roses and champagne in a fancy restaurant, but sometimes it's about appreciating the one you love by giving them one less thing to do. 

Nothing says I love you like a frozen pizza.

...and cutting up some heart shaped pepperoni never hurt
Happy Valentines Day :)


11 February 2013

Big Easy Mardi Gras Wreath

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, which makes this the Monday before Mardi Gras, aka Lundi Gras.

Time to get our bead on.

Hot pink wreath from Dollar Store + pipe cleaners + a whole lot of throw beads = instant wreath.

Total time: 10 minutes
Total Cost: $1 (would have been more if I didn't have a pre-existing bead problem)

Looking for an excuse to collect more beads this year? How about some jambalaya boxes or an easy ceiling chandelier based on a wire plant hanger?

Bon Mardi Gras!

08 February 2013

Guest Posting: Hot Glue Hearts

The Valentine tree is up! It looks like a cross between Charlie Brown's Christmas tree and a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

In other words, I'm thrilled with it.

It's covered with a menagerie of heart do-dahs, but mostly it's these nifty hot glue hearts I came up with a few weeks ago. They are crazy easy to make; hot glue + parchment paper + confetti. Or sprinkles. Or glitter. Or anything else your heart desires (pun intended).

Want to see how to make them?  Yeah you do. Hurry up and check it out.

 While you are over there, check out this mega rad DIY Statement necklace (confession: I might know the author on that one), or this timely article: 10 Things NOT to Get Her for Valentines Day. As someone whose previous Valentine gifts have included men's underwear and a one gallon drum of lighter fluid, I am especially appreciative of this critical information.

Happy Valentines!

07 February 2013

Fruit Bowl Facelift

I have a fruit bowl the size of New Jersey.  Last week it was plaid. This week it is, well, what would you call this Las Vegas?

I made it two winters ago as part of a giftwrap challenge with Michele. It started life as a paper lantern but has been enjoying the last two years as a functional fruit/produce bowl on my kitchen counter. With all the wear and tear, it was starting to need a new coat of Mod Podge, so I thought, Well as long as it's wet and sticky, let's add something gold...

Then came the polka dots. Then the hot pink. Then the paint dots...

And here we are; a fruit bowl with a Las Vegas facelift. My clementines will be so pleased! 

06 February 2013

Glittered Clothespins

One of my goals of 2013 is to be more organized. More focused. More strategic.

I am working towards achieving this in three ways by 1. Avoiding distractions (like EXTRA CUTE SLOTH VIDEOS) 2. Writing down weekly and monthly goals in my phone (my fav app) and filo-fax, and 3. Snazzing up my paperwork in a way that will make me not run away from it.

Granted, I have always had a soft spot for fabulous office supplies, but this year I am giving myself permission to spend a little more time and money on it.  I figure anything that will prompt me to be more efficient and purposeful with my time is a worthy investment, no?

Clothespins. Seriously, who knew?

I never knew how much I loved clothespins until I ran out of paperclips. I mean honestly, clothespins? Who uses clothespins? Pres School teachers with laundry lines of finger paintings. Grannies with panty hose to hang dry. Not me, that's for sure.

Still, I bought a box at the dollar store to help dry coffee filters last spring. Then one day I was sorting files and ran out of paperclips and found that clothespins are sort of amazing. They keep things together and segregated in a way that says THIS NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH. 

Clothespins are exactly what I need in my life.

I saw some glittery clothespins in one of my favorite stores, but then when you touch them the glitter fell off. Not a lot, but enough to annoy me. Do I really need more glitter in my taxes?

I thought about making them at home with glue and sealing it in with Mod Podge, but decided that would get messy and then the glue would get on the spring mechanism and then it would goop it all up and then...and then.... yish.

So when I saw this preglittered scrap book paper on sale for 75cents, I knew it had to happen. When I saw they also had LEOPARD GLITTER scrapbook paper, well, that was that!

Glitter paper  + Clothespins + Tacky Glue = Snazzy new paper sorting assistant.

For less than  $2.00, I made 30 of them in under an hour. I think I'll get some of those little magnets and glue them  the leopard ones to stick on the fridge. I could use a mode of hanging more fridge art, and let's be honest, can one ever have enough leopard in the kitchen?


04 February 2013

I had plans to do stuff this weekend but then a three-part, 12 hour Anne of Green Gables marathon came on TV.

Well, there went my day.

Since my butt was glued to the couch I made use of my time by sorting out some bins and boxes that only required partial attention. Because, I mean, how was I going to dedicate brain power to a project when Anne and Gil were on TV?

Piggybacking on the Ten Minute Marker Caddy I made from cardboard tubes last year, I thought I would apply that same concept to some other long and skinny items in need of organizing. In the kitchen I used empty cans and an old square basket to corral kitchen utensils. This opened up THREE drawers. Considering there are only four working drawers in my whole kitchen, that's a big deal! 

...Speaking of other stuff taking up too much drawer space: make up. Lots of it. For someone who doesn't wear much makeup on a daily basis, I have way too much of it. I got rid of half of it this weekend, and it's still too much, but at least now it will all be in easy access. That tube of lipstick will be used far more often now that it is no longer stuck in the back of a drawer.

If you didn't know, if there is one thing in my home that is always in abundance, it's empty cans of Diet Coke. I use them for lots of things, but for this project I used those baby Diet Coke cans that are soooooo cute. They are the perfect size for sorting tubes of mascara, lipstick, eyeliners, tweezers, and such. They will be easy to wipe down if they get dusted with power, and I can move them to another container if/when my collection grows again.

I keep my makeup on what I call The Frosting Table.

Frosting is how I describe all the stuff that goes on the outside of the cake;  makeup, hair, jewelry, scarves, accessories...you get the idea. My theory is, it doesn't matter how the cake is baked as long as the frosting looks good, which is really just a fancy way of me giving myself permission to if wear pajamas to work as long as I am wearing a great scarf and big earrings.

Okay, so those are two things I am now organizing in cans; what could you do with them? Paintbrushes? Junk mail? Spices? Cleaning supplies? I just know someone will have a better idea than me!

01 February 2013

It's the first day of February, which means that I get to spend this weekend in an endemic plague of non-stop football commentary waiting for the Superbowl to descend upon me like some screaming, unholy, Pepsi-sponsored death rattle. 

In other words: Can we get this over with?

The fact is, not everyone likes football. I'm glad other people like football. Good for them! But I'm a little tired of the last few months of people trying to get my opinion on who did what in the in zone with forty yard pass with tackle drop back outfield kicker guy by the line of cribbage. Scribbage. Scramble. Quarterback. Backfield. Infield. OJ Simpson. Superbowl shuffle. I win!

...and that, that right there is what football means to me. 

If you, like me, are stuck indoors this weekend and looking to do something, nay ANYTHING, that is non-football related, may I suggest a movie marathon? Without further adieu...

Disclaimer: I call this my top ten, but actually, it's a lot more than just me. I tried to be objective. I reached out to readers on facebook and came back with a list of one hundred names, then filtered that list by a couple of film buff friends, then passed it to a couple of guys to make sure there were some man-friendly options.

Code: ** = Dude Approved  |  ** = Instant streaming on Netflix (Note: even without a Netflix account, you can watch the trailer for any of these movies by clicking on the title link).

Silver Linings Playbook**
This movie is at the top of the list because it's the only one still in theaters. It's picking up all sorts of awards and nominations, including an Oscar for Best Picture. It's the story of two deeply flawed, highly unstable individuals who form a friendship based on feeding their respective mental illnesses. Awesome. Weirdly enough, it's very cute. There is tap dancing involved. And gambling. And even though a significant portion of the movie is devoted to talking about football, I still liked it. Whoa! And, what's even more guy friendly: Robert DeNiro is in it. And he is great. I liked him better in this movie than any other. Don't nobody email me crap about how great he was in Goodfellas -- I get it. This movie was better. Go see it!

The Notebook
Five words: Ryan Gosling in the rain. That scrumptious sentence alone should make you want to see it, but actually, it's kinda sorta deep. Sweet. And sad. First time I saw this movie, I was so haunted by how much these people loved each other, it kept me up half the night thinking about it. And for that, I would not recommend this movie to single people. At least not single people with pie and wine in the house. It’s also not good for people feeling stuck in a bad relationship. However, for everyone in a deeply committed and loving relationship: go for it! Ryan Gosling is tasty as ever, and Rachel McAdams does an almost convincing southern accent despite the fact that she is Canadian. It's beautifully made and even features a fixer-upper house. It's like HGTV meets the Bridges of Madison County (another good romance movie one should not watch with pie in the house).

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir**
This movie is your typical 1940's rom-com about a beautiful widow and the cantankerous phantom of a dead sea captain who simultaneously offends and woos the object of his affection, all while   managing to publish a best selling memoir "Blood and Swash." You know, the usual. It's hard to imagine abuncha Hollywood suit types sitting around a table in 1946 and agreeing this movie was ever a good idea, but oddly enough, it's pretty swell. It's touching without being overly sentimental, and you find yourself rooting for the ghost to get some lady action. It's weird, but it works.

Top Gun****
People don’t think of Top Gun as a movie about romance just like people don't think of Dirty Dancing as a movie about abortion. Surprise! They snuck that one in. With Top Gun, it's easy to get distracted by the movie's military machismo, but really, it's a love story with an undercurrent of pseudo-feminist theology. Wait, women's lib in a military movie? Double surprise! Plus, lets remember that this was made in 1986 and Tom Cruise was sexy as hell, fresh faced, all jacked up in his Navy uniform and swaggering around like he was hung like Uncle Merl's bull. Who cares if we now know he is crazy as shit? Who cares Kelly McGillis is now a lesbian? They make a rockin' 80's couple. The hair gel alone makes this movie worth the price of the rental. 

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