Downton Abbey Valentines

Normally I am a strict advocate for handmade Valentines, but, then I saw these Downton Abbey cards, lasercut on thin pieces of wood, rad as hell, and suitable for framing.

Yeah. Imma have to hit that.

Anna and Bates are like a big British burrito of cuteness. When I was crazy sick in bed a few weeks ago, I started watching the other ultimate granny miniseries, Lark Rise to Candleford, and Mr. Bates was in it playing someone else’s husband. Can you believe that? I was like, Mr. Bates, how can you be stepping out on Miss Anna? Do you not remember when she walked you down to the riverbank and you threw your body brace in the water? Do you not remember how she rallied for you 24/7 when you were in prison for killing-not-killing your hosebeast ex-wife? Cheese-and-rice, Mr. Bates. Control yourself.

I’m pretty sure he heard me.

And here is Mrs. Hughes the housekeeper. That Scottish brogue. That stoic smile. That dirty apron. You just know she is DTF. And Mr. Carson, the vaudevillian turned butler, needs to get on that. These two should be together and I don’t know why Julian Fellows won’t deliver. It would be a like a valentine for alllllll of us. Do we not deserve this? I know I do.

Julian, I am waiting. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep busy with my Downtown Valentines and additional awesomeness from Pine and Parcel. Check them out.

PS Update: Thanks to Chris for commenting on these other Downton valentines, courtesy of Chad Thomas. Free download, y’all. Woot!


  1. says

    When they make one with Branson on it, I’ll be all over him. It. All over *it*.

  2. Anonymous says

    Except it was Mrs. Hughes who convinced him to throw his leg brace in the water :) Sorry, she’s just my favorite and deserves credit :)

    • says

      Was it? I could swear it was Anna but now you mention it…maybe it was. Oh well. All the more reason why Mrs. Hughes should be rewarded with love from Mr. Carson.

  3. Anonymous says

    Mrs. Hughes – DTF! I.just.died! I love you Peaches!!!!!

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