16 January 2014

Valentine Exchange 2014


Attention handmade valentine lovers!

For the fourth year running I am inviting my readers to participate in the biggest, most snazztastic valentine swap of all! Last year more than 400 folks participated from all around the world. That means more than 1,200 Valentines were exchanged between total strangers. Wowza!

I know what you are thinking....

Gee, I love the sound of this valentine swap. How does it work?

Well friend, I am glad you asked. This is the nitty-gritty: You send three handmade valentines to total strangers = You will receive three handmade valentines from total strangers.
That sounds fun! Where do I sign up? How do I exchange addresses?
Good question. Let me break it down:
  • You click here to fill out the sign up form no later than Jan 25. 
  • You receive an email from me on Jan 31st with the addresses of three total strangers.
  • You send one valentine to each address you receive, no later than Feb 5.
  • You receive three valentines sometime before/around Valentines Day. 
What sort of Valentine should I send?
Handmade! It could be a simple scrap of paper with a doodle from your kids, or a stitched up and sequined masterpiece. Adding some glitter or a buttons to a pre-existing valentines is OK too. Just as long as it has a handmade touch and can fit in an envelope, it’s game. 
I'm in! What else do I need to know?
  • This exchange is open to anyone, anywhere, any skill level. No one is expected to buy anything except stamps (heads up: people who read this blog are scattered around the world, so we all might need to double up on stamps).
  • You are welcome to include a note inside your valentines with information about yourself, your blog/website/etsy business etc...but it is not required or expected.
  • This is not an advertising opportunity. This is just a simple way to exchange random acts of kindness and send some love out into the world. No Debbie Downers, por favor.
  • If you feel weird disclosing your name and address, I assure you I will not compile and use this information for any other purpose besides sending you valentines! PS: Please be sure to include your name. Some folks like to omit their name for privacy purposes and then the post office refuses deliver the cards, so just include your initials or nick name if you are uncomfortable with everyone getting up in your business.  
I don't like filling out forms, can't I just reply in the comments or send you an email?
Listen, I hate forms too, but I set aside my animosity in the holy name of holiday crafts -- I'm asking you do do the same. Please, take 20 seconds to fill out this form. I promise you pal, it’s easy! If it takes you more than 20 seconds you are trying too hard. If you send me an email with your information, all I will do is go to the online form and fill out for you. So do me a favor – don’t put it in an email or the comments or on facebook – click here to fill out the form.
What happens if I get busy and can't send a valentine? Can I back out at the last minute?
Good question. If you back out before Jan 30, no problem. Just send me an email -- no harm, no foul. If you back out after Jan 30, that's a problem. Your address will already be in circulation to three other people who will be sending cards to you. Those three people would be pretty peeved if they knew they were sending valentines to someone who was not holding up their end of the bargain, as would the three people who will not be getting your cards. So altogether, that's six people who will be ticked at you. SIX. Do you really want to risk those kinds of karma points? 
Is it okay to send my valentines after February 5?
Yeah, no. Not really. I mean, I won't be coming after you with a pitchfork or anything, but honestly, it's not cool. This happens every year and I get it (believe me, I get it!) ...but it puts a damper on things for the people on the receiving end to get a valentine after the holiday has passed. That's a bunch of disappointing trips to the mailbox, which takes the fun out of the spirit of the swap. You know? Also, getting a bunch of emails from people asking me to inform their designated recipients that they are running late isn't exactly a fun fair on my part, so let's stay on target, k? February 5. February 5. February 5.  Get yours in the mail by February 5. Got it? Cool.   
If I send you a picture of the valentines I made or received, will you put it on your blog? 
I might! The better the photo, the more likely I will share it on the blog. If you are on Facebook, I would love it if you could post pics of what you send (and receive) on my page. You can also tweet me or share on Instagram, but Facebook makes it easy for everyone to see the images from the get-go. Last year, some readers became friends because they saw a photo of their valentines posted on Facebook. High five, Interwebs.
Okay, I'm in! Let's get this party started!Awesome. Click here to get started.

***Just to clarify, after you fill out the form and click SUBMIT you will see a 'Thank you' type of confirmation pop-up at the end. As soon as you see that pop-up you are good to go! After that pop-up you will be referred back to Emailmeform.com's home page, which *might* look like a sign up form. Ignore it. There is no reason for you to sign up for their services. There is no second form to fill out. If you see a second form, ignore it. Thanks!

24 Hour Update: The sign up window is now closed. Thank you for participating!


  1. Can't wait! So glad you decided to do it again even if it is a lot of work!

  2. Suse in SacramentoJanuary 16, 2014 at 2:32 PM

    This is going to be AMAZING! Weeeeeeee!! Thank you so much for doing this!!

  3. flipping out in an 'i can't wait!!!' sort of way...**THANKS** for organizing!

  4. easy-peasey. all signed up.
    thanks for doing this again. great fun!! or as we say in hebrew, "ezeh kef"!!!!!!

  5. I'm so excited! Thanks for putting in the work. I think it's a great idea to do swaps like this. It's so cool to have a community of crafty people from all around the world.

  6. This will be my first time missing out. :( I have crazy amounts of school work due between now and the end of February.
    Grad School, sucking the time out of your days (in exchange for knowledge and a sparkly diploma!)

    1. You were one of the first sign-ups ever, Kara! Next year :)

  7. The form won't let me submit it ... how else can I get involved?

  8. A few days late signing up this year BUMMER! Happy V day... I'll sign up for 2015! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  9. I received 2 out of 3 Valentines but was very happy. A great idea. Will do it again. While I was at making V cards I did some for my friends and they were very happy and mostly surprised to receive an handmade card. Thank you so much for the motivation.
    monique from Canada


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