Disco Enlightenment

I couldn’t bring myself to take down all the Christmas decorations. A transition phase was needed. And so what if it’s half-way to Easter? Listen, we deserve some sparkle. That buttmunch groundhog promised six more weeks of winter and I’ll be damned if I am supposed to spend it in darkness. I need light. I need sunshine. I need delicious things to eat with my eyeballs.

I need disco balls. 

These bugaboos had previously been hanging out in a bowl with clementines. Now they live on my old granny chandelier. They spin a little in the breeze, and in the morning the eastern light hits them so they send hundreds of little sun-beamletts shooting all over the room. It’s like eating breakfast at a prom, but it’s daytime. And Al Roker is there. So that is fun.   

They will probably come down in a few months when it’s time to Easter eggs, but for now I am enjoying their company. Winter is harsh. I’ll take all the disco enlightenment I can get. 



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    I love how you’re always decorating your chandelier–I had never heard of that until I started following your blog. This might be going TOO far, but there are little doodads that you can hang ornaments from that spin slowly. I had a mini disco ball in my room when I was a teenager and I used one of those to make it twirl! How cool would it be to have a ton of tiny spinning disco balls!

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    I agree! There needs to be a fabulous, indulgent non-Valentine holiday smack dab in the middle of winter… I’m not talking St Patrick’s Day here, I’m taking glitter & glam & cheese balls & yule logs!

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    I need to get me a chandilier like yours so I can do thatI love sparkle in my mornings…well all day especially with all this winter gloom!! Love reading your blog so much fun!!


  1. […] they told me they wanted to hang out with the chandelier, Mrs. Snow. I told them Mrs. Snow was busy displaying disco balls, but they were like, “Hello we are pineapples. Disco balls are like our native […]

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