Bramble Patch: March 2014

I know what you are thinking; Why is there a polar bear playing basketball in space?

The real question is why are there not more polar bears playing basketball in space.

This, among other things, has me happily distracted this last month.

I’m crazy about these blueprint portrait series. Cheap and expressive. So fun. Great for kids or couples. Would look great in the lobby of a small business too! 

Fashion lessons from the Cosby Show. Note: this article doesn’t even mention Vanessa’s perm years, or a plethora of other Cosby style tips, so this is really just a primer. I may *need* to write the follow up. 

Crazytown homemade canvas storage bags. I want one hamper sized. 

From Forbes Magazine: Why a ‘Jem and the Holograms’ film is important. (The fact that there was a group of people sitting around a conference room at Forbes saying “Yeah, let’s talk about Jem!” just makes my day). 

9 Things to never say to a woman who doesn’t want kids. Hello!

Watch a 40-year-old woman hear for the first time. I dare you to not cry.

A year and a half ago I wrote a post about why I no longer shop at Hobby Lobby. It got me some legit hate mail (that was not a surprise) and a windfall of new readers (that was a huge surprise). This week it received something of a traffic boom as Hobby Lobby’s case came before the US Supreme Court. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusion on the matter, but regardless of where you stand, this article on the evolution of the Evangelical stance was really interesting.  
Why is it so hard to make friends after 30? No really. Why?

I almost feel bad about how easily I let Gwyneth Paltrow annoy me. Almost
Speaking of people on my sh*t list, why is Joan Rivers being such a dirt bag these days? She used to be so cool. 

And because it’s Friday, and it’s the end of winter (HUZZAH!) let’s end on a happy note. Granny, break it down!!

Be sure to hold out until she starts gettin’ funky with the bag of Wonder Bread.


  1. says

    Those canvas bags would be nice made out of lined chintz. That Granma can dance.

    • says

      That is a great idea! And I know *somebody* who has a stash of monkey toile chintz waiting for a good cause!

  2. Anonymous says

    Making friends over 30 without having kids is almost impossible I think. It’s like we come with too much baggage or something. Sometimes I look at the friends I have from childhood and wonder if we would be friends today if we hadn’t formed that bond way back then. My husband is likely to be transferred to Virginia later this year where won’t know anyone but a couple of people at his office. Where to even begin? My mom says I should join a club or something but where do these magical social clubs even exist? How do people make friends past 30 I would seriously like to know!

    • says

      I hear you loud and clear. I recall my parents and grandparents having bridge clubs and social gatherings to facilitate friendships…and even if they didn’t like the people, it was a regular excuse to get out of the house and talk to adults about grownup stuff. Gossip. Have a cocktail. I hear about people being fond of Meetups but I have always been too intimidated to go to one alone. I have found on several occasions that volunteering is a great social opportunity….and even though I can’t say I have made life-long friends out of it, the opportunity provided that sort of per-scheduled socialization time that I was so desperately craving. Blogging has also created some great friendships for me — online and in real life. I feel like I belong to a couple of “tribes”….most of these folks I have never met, but they are great support and a source of encouragement. Sometimes I feel like they know me better than the folks I see everyday. Do we get to hangout like teenagers? No. But then again, who does?

      Worst case, if you move to VA, let me know….I have friends and fam all over Southern VA who are very welcoming and would be happy to meet a new neighbor. And I know for a FACT there are oodles of Aunt Peaches readers in northern VA who would also welcome a new kid in town. Sometimes just telling people you are new makes folks want to reach out and help. You never know! Let me know how I can help 🙂

  3. says

    I have kids (grown) and while they are/were a source acquaintances. My very liberal political beliefs and my transgender child.. kinda of make me not to ready to call many folks I see day to day, friends. I have found much more support and friendship online, but I ask myself does that count as friendship? I’m starting to think I need to quit defining friends in the narrow way I used to. so Thank God for my online friends.

    • says

      I was just thinking this as I typed the response to the comment above….what I consider a “friend” now is very different than what I would have 10 years ago. Times are changing and our modes of communication defy the boundaries of just who we spend time with. If we added up minutes in a day, I’ll bet I spend ten times more time online than I do with any one individual. I’ll bet you do too, Helen. If we are the sum of our environment, our online experiences must count in a significant way, yes? Gosh. Something to think about!

  4. says

    My gut reaction to Joan Rivers is that she’s struggling to figure out how to be relevant to audiences today. She used to be funny, wicked funny. Now, I see her as mean and spiteful. When her Dodge commercials come on, I can’t reach for the mute fast enough. But, I have to hand it to her. She’s teaching me how NOT become old.

    • says

      You said it! I loved watching her talkshow as a kid. And those old clips of her filling in for Carson are a scream. I saw a documentary of her on Netflix a year or two ago — she keeps a library style card catalog of jokes…one for every occasion. Weirdly admirable. She was such a pioneer for funny women, but like you said, now she is just mean-spirited. All these years of red carpet BS making nasty comments about other people’s appearance…sorta gross. Now Lena Dunham, who wasn’t even on a red carpet, gets called nasty names for just building a character based on self-acceptance? What a jerk.

    • Sandy says

      I was starting to think I was the only person who thought Joan needs to hush. There’s snark and sarcasm and joking, but she is just mean! Mean! I don’t have cable TV and I’ve never even seen this show nor did I know who Lena Dunham was…but I was listening to NPR and they were discussing the comments between Howard Stern and Joan Rivers about Ms. Dunham. I couldn’t believe it. When Howard Stern tells you to calm down you have gone completely over the top. It’s time for Ms. Rivers to retire…it’s inappropriate and not funny. At all. (I’ll put my soapbox away now…stepping down)

  5. says

    Loved watching Granny shake it this morning!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous says

    Joan Rivers is my hero. I don’t like Lena Dunham, and after the stylized photos on Vogue, even less. Joan has a point. Even if you don’t agree with her, cut her a break. She comes from a different era, and we should acknowledge that. A bit of a reality check for Ms. Dunham is not a bad thing

    • says

      Women saying awful things about other women’s appearance – to get a laugh, no less – is not okay. For anyone. Young, old, in between. It’s not a generation thing. It’s not era specific.

      As someone mentioned above — When Howard Stern thinks you are out of line, it’s gone to far. I used to like her too. It’s okay to admire her as an accomplished performer AND dislike her for saying hateful, hurtful things. We can hold two thoughts at the same time. She is a funny lady! I hope she finds better ways to use her talent. She deserves a better legacy than this.

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