Flamingo Cake Toppers for Under A Buck

It’s official: Flamingos are The Unofficial Bird of 2014.

They are pink. They are rad. They are everywhere.

I’d like to think this is because of my 2013 flamingo Christmas tree (thanks again to all who participated in the exchange!) but I think the rightful origin of this trend is just good old fashioned common sense. Flamingos have always been the biggest badass bird running, it just took people a while to hop on the flamboyance wagon. (PS: A flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance) (PPS: here’s 20 more fun facts about flamingos in case you need to brush up)(don’t you get annoyed when bloggers use parenthetical statements side-by-side?)(I hate that!)

What was I saying? Oh cupcakes!

Do you need an easy, non-flammable, totally festive cake topper FOR UNDER A BUCK?

Yeah, you do.

You can buy a package of 18 of these awesome honeycomb flamingo drinking straws at Dollar Tree. For a dollar. One. One dollar. They also carry pineapple straws (The Unofficial Fruit of 2014), but the flamingo situation is off the hook! I went in for a can opener and came out with all kinds of flamingo themed goodies (see here). High snaps to Dollar Tree for delivering to flamingo crazies like me, but if you don’t have Dollar Tree stores in your area, you can also find some similar beauties here.

The straws come multicolored in the pack. This one had five red and white straws so that’s what I used for the photos here. Because it makes pretty like that. I’m not going to say what happened to the other 13 blue/green/yellow and white straws from the package, but let’s just say there was onion dip and a gal named Margarita involved.

Flamingos and chocolate y’all: it’s a winner!




    • says

      You totally do! If your store is set up like mine you’ll find them buried in a wee corner under the other luaw party supplies.

      Okay. How do you spell luauow? OMG this is annoying. Spell check is giving me red lines and I’m on my phone. You know…the Hawaiian party thing. Luow. Loo-oww. Luauw. OMG THIS IS ANNOYING. I don’t think they even have flamingos in Hawaii. How would they have migrated to an island…they are not exactly migratory birds. Or are they? Crap. Now I have to google this too. Damn.

  1. Deb in Oklahoma says

    You are such a NUT! Yes, it is L-U-A-U. Great word for Scrabble—not a big point earner, but uses the over-abundance of U’s I always end up with.

    Love the flamingo cake topper idea. Will have to do this along with the confetti cake topper for my niece’s birthday cake next month. It’s this sort of creatively-brilliant stuff that makes me the Cool Aunt.

    • says

      You and me both, Deb! I’m always picking up stuff to use later as “the cool aunt”. My Niece and neph have like 100 aunts and uncles, and some of them are extremely cool. It is rough. Uncle Pierce even has a niece inspired tattoo — how am I to compete with THAT?

  2. says

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