Mrs. Roper’s Revenge

My 1970’s kick continues. First it was Mrs. Roper’s kaftans, now it’s her decor.

I don’t know about you, but woven wall hangings were all the rage when it was a kid. It was awesome. Somewhere along the line they went out of fashion and up until recently you’d find them dime-a-dozen at thrift stores. Now they are hot again and Mrs. Roper has her revenge!

For those of us who were not smart enough to see this cyclical resurrection coming, we must make our own wall hangings. I’m not exactly a macrame expert, so I rely on white cotton yarn and a whole lot of little jars of dye to generate results.

The bad news is my house is now overflowing with excess bundles of custom dyed yarn. The good news is, for about $10 and precious little effort, you can make your own nifty wall hanging. Catch my tutorial over on!


  1. says

    Last week the husband noted that my decor style is leaning 70’s-ishly. He added: “Thank god you haven’t gone macrame owl on me yet.” I think that means textile wall hangings are a no go just now. Perhaps it is because he was rather freaked out by this bad boy at the Miro Museum last fall: (tried a link – don’t think it will work. google Joan Miro tapestry of the Foundation.) I believe husband’s initial reaction to the enormous woolen wall sculpture was: Gaaaaahhh! or something equally articulate. Your wall hanging is lovely and I would like to steal your palm frond pillow.

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      I hope your husband is ready to embrace something woolen on the wall…go and get you some, they are so fun!!

  2. says

    It looks great, but I’d be afraid my cats would be all into it. Dangling threads are very popular around here and even if it was high up on the wall, they’d jump for it. I take it Lola hasn’t tried yet.

    Heather M.

  3. says

    I think macrame is also coming back big time. Love this colorful wall hanging. I remember my suede pancho from the 70’s – I loved it and wish i still had it.

  4. says

    Alas, I gave all my macrame wall hangings away except for a Rudolph and a Christmas tree. Bring them out every year. Rudolph has driftwood antlers and an enormous red bead for a nose. Classy huh! Anyone ever do punch hook rugs in the 70’s? Did a 3 foot owl for my mom on burlap. I punched every hole so that sucker was 3 inches thick and weighed a ton. I wonder what she did with Big Hoot!

    • says

      I was just looking a an enormous tiger punch hook rug — weighed 30 pounds, easy. It’s unfortunate that acrylic yarn does not age well (Something happens over the years and they feel not so nice)…maybe we can bring them back?

  5. Deb in Oklahoma says

    Did macrame ever leave? I’ve made a few plant hangers in the last 30 years, all from jute rope and large wooden or ceramic beads painted in 70’s earth tones—some with speckles. No owls, though; just can’t go there. I love your idea. That’s good stuff!


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