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    I like the rainbow loom too. Have you ever tried a knifty knitter?
    I pull mine out every winter and go to town making stocking stuffers.

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    Paul Simon and Harry Connick Jr had a concert in our town at the high school. I guess some of their kids go there. I was upset I hadn’t heard about it, but they sold out in an hour. My life goals are to see James Taylor and Leonard Cohen in person.

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    Will you let us know how the kantha quilt purchase goes? I love the look and feel of kantha, and have coveted some jackets on etsy, but my experience with imported textiles is that they often have strong smelling dyes, aren’t colorfast and/or can’t be machine washed.

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    i got froyo on my birthday and the shop was playing graceland. i think i was the only person happy about that, besides the kid running the place. glad to know i’m not the only one who appreciates it!

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    I started re-watching Six Feet Under a few weeks ago myself. It’s even better than I remembered it being the first time around. I just love the Fisher family.

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    Graceland is on my top 10 stranded on an island play list. Many don’t understand. Don’t care, it’s an amazing album.
    Have you tried finding a 8-9-10 year old to help with rainbow bands?
    The girls in my neighborhood are all pros.


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