Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles

My recent yarn kick turned into a tassel kick which has now turned into a knob bobble kick. Now I want all of my door knobs to have jewelry. Yarn jewelry. Also, I’m sorta tired of wreaths and stuff so I’m thinking knob bobbles are a home trend I can get behind. Also, it’s fun to say – knob bobbles. Sounds like pirate speak. Arrr me hearties, hard to starboard and yarn tassel me knob bobbles.

Sorry guys, that’s probably porn speak for something I don’t know about.

I’m guessing everyone learned to make yarn tassle bookmarks for Mother’s Day as a kid, amiright? Some of us even took it a step farther and learned to make yarn dolls (overachievers!) but for those who need a refresher, here it is.

Pro tip: Things get much more exciting when you mix yarn with twine and string and such.

So that’s it. You just wind the yarn around the book about 50 times, tie it off, snip it in half, and bam – TWO tassels. You will feel so accomplished you’ll want to make a bunch more.

…and that’s good because if you make a few, you can tie them on to an old bracelet, wrap some more yearn around the bracelet, and make yourself a knob bobble.

…Or not. Leave your knobs naked. See if I care. You just see.

Or you can tie off solo tassels on odd knobs around the house.

Like this.

And this one looks like one of the objects that turned into French people in Beauty and the Beast.

Ouuuu. Fancy!

Warning: these are addictive.

They are great no-thinking-required craft to make while watching a movie or on long car trips. My plan is to let the tassels pile up for a few months then makes them into to knob bobbles for Christmas — a nifty little gift on its own, or tied onto the front of a package. Obviously, I see jungle bells in the mix. Stay tunned!



    • says

      I’m glad! Trust me, once you make one, you’ll make 100. Every knob in my house now has at least one tassel situation. It’s getting ridiculous.

  1. says

    dude, i love your knob bobbles!
    my mom and sister always make fun of how much i love tassels… but am i wrong? i think not!

  2. Anonymous says

    TASSEL EXCHANGE!!!!!!! Think of all the wonderful colors and textures you might receive. Oooo, say maybe. Or say, YES!

  3. says

    i can’t believe this is working out in a house that a cat lives in…

    • says

      Hahaha…okay, I ommitted that part in the post because I feel like I need to get it on video. This whole thing was sparked by a jingle bell knob bobble I hung up last Christmas….Lola had no interest in the bells, but she learned that if she hit the bells I’d come and open that door for her. So now I put bells on some of them… It’s pretty cute.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have ten indoor cats. I have not been featured on Animal Hoarders yet, but this may be my chance. Fortunately all of my cats are too fat to jump enough to reach any tassels I may make. And I am definitely going to start making more after looking at the ones you have made. I love the bracelet idea, too………….too bad all my bracelets are gold. Would it be silly to cover them with yarn??

    • says

      Ten cats?! My kindred spirit!

      And NO — do not cover good jewelry with yarn. Spend a buck at the dollar store or a thrift store and get some plastic or aluminum bangles…they’ll do just fine 🙂

  5. says

    OMG- Anonymous is a GENIUS! We took in our son’s kittens, & they are destructive little beasties! What’s worse, is they are SOOOO affectionate to me, so I can’t even stay mad! They tear up anything made of yarn or string (or shower curtain liner) so I can’t have Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles. Until I get the kitties FAT! BWAHAHAHAHA!!

  6. says

    Oh holy heavenly bobbles, Peaches, I love the doorknob bracelet thingy!!!

  7. says

    This is a great DIY! Came here from Amber Interiors link. Definitely trying! You & your bobs are adorable!

  8. says

    This is a magical and splendiferous decorating idea! Very exacted about all the yarn bobble ideas! … and there are so. many. ideas. <3


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