16 DIYs I need to Try

This week has been kicking my butt! I’m busy with stuff I really enjoy, but it’s majorly cutting into my craft time. Hashtag: First world problems.

So long as I’m busy gawking, let’s gawk together. Shall we?


1. This faux coral centerpiece makes my heart flutter.

2. Ugly Sweater Cheesecake Bars, get in my mouth!

3. I’m crazy for honeycomb this Christmas (like this wreath). Does anyone have a good source for buying small balls in bulk? My google search has been lackluster at best.

4. These gemstone confetti/sequin/sparkle tags continue to ROCK MY WORLD.

5. Isn’t this a nifty way to display holiday cards?

6. Am I the last one to find out about peppermint plates?

7. Scrap ribbon + stick = awesome little rustic ornaments the kiddos can make.

8. On the other end of the glitzy spectrum, these sequin beauties are on my to-do list this weekend.

9. Nothing like a good driftwood wreath to make me want to beach comb.

10. Speaking of wreaths, this baby is easily one of the most impressive dollar store crafts I have seen in a long time. Whoa!

11.  A touch of embroidery braathes new life into old sweaters.

12. Retrotastic tree toppers Don Draper would approve of.

13. Love this idea of a no-tree tree. Just branches in a jug and call it a day.

14. Chalkboard acorn place cards look nifty on display all year round.

15. Hand stamped Naughty or Nice earrings.

16. This is a photo of Mr. T and Nancy Reagan. Not because it’s crafty but because I’m going to Washington DC in a few weeks to tick off another item on my life list and see THE WHITE HOUSE AT CHRISTMAS. Does anyone have any secret special insight on Christmas in DC? Stuff to do, things to see? I won’t be there that long, and the museums and monuments are a no-brainer, but is there a must-see secret cavern where the government keeps the crafty elves that make the ornaments for the capital tree? The place for the best mug of peppermint hot chocolate? Mysteriously, this information did not make it in the Snowden files. I’m relying on y’all to give me the scoop!



  1. Shannon says

    I am loving the starburst topper. I have been looking for something like this, thank you for sharing.

    • aunt peaches says

      Isn’t it fabulous? Love it.

    • aunt peaches says

      You know I’m making these asap. I need to wait until I have a decent amount of people around tho, to diffuse the tasty awesome.

  2. Deb in Oklahoma says

    Oooh, honeycomb paper decorations! My mom had lots of those in the 70’s, all for Halloween. They were the coolest things ever, and I was NOT allowed to mess with them because they would tear easily, which is what made them so appealing was in the first place.

    And despite the fact that I have NO MORE ROOM on my dining table for any crafty projects (despite the addition of three leaves in the table), that Retrotastic Tree Topper is getting made this weekend for the office Christmas tree. I showed the pic to my office mates and it was decided we NEED one, and pronto. Peaches my friend, you are the best bad influence on me sometimes. 🙂

    • aunt peaches says

      Ha! I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

  3. says

    i love that faux coral centerpiece…. i just happen to have 1 or 2 or 1000 branches in the yard to choose from. good hunting for ideas! oh, and i have had the honeycomb wreath pinned on pinterest. maybe repinned from you??

  4. D says

    People love the spicy hot chocolate at the Museum of the American Indian…the food is good as well (better option than a lot of places on the mall).

    • aunt peaches says

      Good to know!! Thank you!!

    • aunt peaches says

      Thank you! Yeah. They are nice, but the price + shipping from Luxembourg is probably not that cost effective.

  5. says

    Hiya! So nice to see my wreath up here!!! I got some of those honeycomb balls at Target ages ago, and others at IKEA (not sure if they have the tiny ones) and then I tried to cut some down from the dollar store ones (not as easy as I thought it was going to be). But most of the green ones are the palm tree picks which I got at Party City – I think you can order them online too. Anyway – – I hope you make one! Definitely not an outdoor wreath lol! xo chiara

    • aunt peaches says

      WAIT. Palm tree picks?!?! I just found a nifty place to buy online (see reply I just left for Karen) but the smallest are 5″….never occurred to me to look into straw toppers and toothpick flourishes. *mind exploding as a type* Man, Chiara, YOU MAKE THE COOLEST STUFF. And I need to stalk you on Pinterest more often.

  6. says

    Martha Stewart always knows the best place to buy things. I am sure you are friends with her?!!! I think she loves honeycomb balls too!!! You can get them from China in lots of ten on eBay. 99 cents each? Not too cheap though. Have you tried Etsy? Aunt Peaches, keep up the good work. I love your blog….always fresh and exciting!!

    • aunt peaches says

      Thanks Karen!

      On the honeycomb front…Actually, Martha did a big holiday issue featuring honeycomb like crazy a couple years ago — and she had a reccomendation for a place you could buy it in flat sheets and trim yourself into cool shapes. Sadly, not cheap at all but that was a couple years ago. HOWEVER…many thanks to another reader, Emily, yesterday, sent me a link to http://www.devra-party.com/honeycomb-balls…They sell them cheap (5″ are 12 for $9), lots of colors, made in the USA. I think it’s a winner! Also they sell fruit shapes that are verrrrrry nifty indeed 🙂

  7. Kate says

    While in DC you should head to the Round Robin across from the White House in the Willard Hotel. It is a famous bar that is a perfect stop post cold WH viewing. The hotel itself is gorgeous and they usually do a gingerbread replica of some kind in the lobby.

    • aunt peaches says

      I have heard of the round robin but I had not heard of this gingerbread situation – thanks for the tip!

  8. Rebecca Kerwick says

    Aunt Peaches – DC at Christmastime is great. We skated at a rink on the Mall. Checked out our state tree at the White House lawn (all 50 are there). But, boy do I have a recommendation right up your alley. Check out The Mansion on O Street. Go to the site. I won’t tell you too much so it’s a surprise but you, of all people, need to make this a priority stop!

    • aunt peaches says

      I’m looking it up now — thanks!!

  9. says

    Thank you so much for including my gemstone tags! Honoured to be included with such great company! (Let me know if you have tried them!) x

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