12 DIYs to Try This Weekend

Happy Friday, you guys! This weekend I’m throwing open the windows and hunkering down for some much-needed spring cleaning. While I’m elbow deep in that book I told you about, I’m hoping to sneak in some Kimmy Schmidt (have you been watching it? SO FUNNY!) and maybe a DIY project or two. Here are a few projects that got my attention.


1. Faux stained glass 2. Coffee filter Easter baskets 3. Parisian candy display


4. Animal cake toppers 5. Button shamrocks 6. Ballerina Tshirt

7. Homemade charms. 8. Decoupage a cooler 9. Egg topiary

10. Vintage charms 11. Coconut oil hair mask 12. Game of Thrones dragon eggs





  1. Carol says

    Those cake toppers are awesome! And how come I was unaware of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt??? I’m on episode 4 now. So hilarious!

  2. says

    So glad you are a Kimmy fan! She is absolutely HILARIOUS! I cannot wait for next year to see where her journey continues! Fabulous collection of DIY–thank you for all your fab posts; even though I rarely comment, I read them quite regularly! HUGS! 🙂 Mynn xx

    • aunt peaches says

      Thanks, Mynn, I love Kimmy!!

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