How to Upcycle an Old Tray Into a Photo Display

Homemade Mothers Day Gift: Upcycle an old tray into a photo display using resin.

The nice folks over at Etsy asked me to think of a homemade gift idea┬áthat kids-of-all ages could make for their moms for Mother’s Day. And, as much as I love a good glue-and-glitter coffee mug, I wanted to come up with something that the mom population would want and use. Something practical. Something nice. Something she could leave out on the coffee table to hold remote controls or a stray glass of iced tea. Something Mom could show off to her friends and say LOOK. YOU DON’T HAVE ONE. AND I DO!

Yo. Moms are way competitive.

Homemade Mothers Day Gift - Upcycle an old tray into a photo display using resin.

The secret ingredient here (that you might not be able to see in the photos) is resin, a thick sealer you lay on top of the photos and it dries hard (I mean HARD) with a glass finish. You can polish it, wipe, whatever. I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher but I promise you it will last for years. Want to make one yourself? Good. because it’s going to be AWESOME.

Go check it out for yourself!


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    Hi, very nice post. I love your idea to change some old stuff with incredible pictures to new. You are a great and creative guy. I like your tuitorials, your website and will return sometimes to get some inspiration :-). Have a nice day and good work.
    Greetings from Germany!

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