Easy Father’s Day Cake Toppers

Here is a question for you; What about Father’s Day?

Seriously. What do you do for Father’s Day? Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, and even National Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6th BTW)….they all have clear expectations and traditions. But what about Father’s Day? How do you celebrate? The traditions are still in formation. And every dad is different. And if your dad is anything like mine, he might not even like a whole day devoted to him! A day spent on the couch with people paying attention to you is some dad’s idea of torture. So, what about Father’s Day?

What about devoting a part of the day, the best part -dessert– and turning it into a tribute to your favorite guy?

Now we are talking!


I came up with this DIY edible treat as a great way to incorporate your favorite photo and grocery store baked goods into something special and celebratory. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to let good ol’dad know he is appreciated. Where does it all start? The place you shop most often – the grocery store!


Personally, and I know this is a little weird, I love my grocery store. Love. It. It’s a local chain, and the stores are large and they carry all the usual stuff, but they also host the best bakery in town.


Literally, it is the best bakery for miles around. Cookies, cakes, breads…whatever you want. They sell an impressive assortment of cake by the slice, which is awesome because it means I haven’t had to make a cake from scratch in years. Not so awesome because when you live less than a mile from a never-ending assortment of cake-by-the-slice, you visit a little too often. But I digress…

Back to the bakery section!


I knew I was going to be inserting photos with a 3” width, so I had to select something with some heft. Oh, darn. This concept would work well on just about any baked good though- cupcakes, muffins, brownies. 

Then, with a box full of fudge cake in hand, I went back to the house to craft up some cake toppers for the special occasion.


Photos of your favorite person printed on sticker paper*
Dark/plain paper
Glitter paper (optional)

*Note: If you don’t have sticker paper you can sandwich the photos and plain paper together with a glue stick, just make sure it’s quick-drying and non-toxic. But if you are considering making a bunch of these, I highly suggest buying letter size sticker paper. It’s great stuff!


Start by holding the printed sticker paper and plain black paper together and cut an approximate loop around the desired shape. This need not be perfect, just roughly the same size.


Then, after peeling the backing off the printed sticker paper, lay it in a table sticky side up, and lay the top third of a toothpick on top.


Now lay the plain black paper on top and smooth it down, securely sandwiching the toothpick in the middle.


Flip over the pick and trim off any excess paper. The more dynamic the photo, the more interesting the shape! If you can find a photo of your dad making jazz hands and sticking his tongue out, even better. Special shout out to all the dads who refuse to take a photo without making a silly face. Double special shout out if your dad looks like Larry David while he’s doing it.



And because it’s Father’s Day, we need a crown. A small square of adhesive backed glitter paper is an easy addition!

Just slice in a few triangles to make a crown and you are ready to go! King for the day, indeed.


Repeat the process until you have one for everyone in the family.


This DIY was geared toward fathers day, but it would be so easy to customize to a birthday party, weddings, anniversaries, or even a graduation. Wouldn’t it be cute with a new graduate’s baby photo with a mortar board tassel hat? If somebody out there does this, you have to send me a photo!

The key ingredient in all of this is something delicious to serve as the base: baked goods! So it is appropriate that today’s post is sponsored by the Give Bakery Because campaign. In-store bakeries provide the backbone of so many celebrations, and now you are invited to join in the fun! The Give Bakery Because campaign is offering two $25 gift certificates to Aunt Peaches readers who leave a comment sharing a story or sentiment about someone who deserves a special gift from their favorite in-store bakery.

So you tell me, who in your life deserves a special treat?


For more ideas, visit the Give Bakery Because campaign’s pinterest page or instagram and you’ll find dozens of cool, easy DIY ways to customize edible gifts. Join in on the fun by creating and sharing your own spin on a Father’s Day Treat and using #GiveBakery.

As always, thank you for supporting the brands that make this site possible!


  1. Karen Roberts says

    Deborah Hopper, is a physical therapist for all ages, but her love is to work with babies and small children who born with many problems. She will and does go the extra mile for her patients out of her own pocket when she can’t get them government help. She does this on the quiet because she doesn’t want or expect any rewards . She has a gift from God to do what she does and those in contact with her are blessed and know it.. S he is loved by all and I’m so proud to call her my daughter!


  2. mary says

    Fellow local: hurrah Valli Produce!! I personally love their deli 🙂

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