About me: I’m Amanda, also known as Peaches or Aunt Peaches. I’m a professional crafter, demo designer, and hardcore sequin enthusiast. I sit in my studio and people pay me to make pretty things because it’s what I do best. And yes, it is awesome. My creative efforts can be found across all forms of major media and my list of commission clients include retailers, magazines, celebrities, and network television. Want to hire someone to make your product look good? We should talk. This blog is about that stuff, but it’s also about weird things I find on the internet, life happenings, and sparkly things I want to buy for my cat. Welcome to my blog.

About this site: Dubbed “the Citizen Kane of Craft Blogs” by Huffington Post, this site was founded in 2010 as a sandbox for practicing my html skills and as an excuse to make unhealthy quantities of paper flowers. So many paper flowers. Since then, it has blossomed from a hobby into a job, a vital part of my daily life, and easily, easily, the best thing I ever did for myself.

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AuntPeaches.com currently receives an average of 350,000 pageviews a month, with a core audience consisting of college-educated women between 25 and 45 with excellent taste in blogs. Aunt Peaches readers are interested in craft and DIY projects, home decor, independent artists and artwork, high quality handmade goods, and vintage wares. On the right you will find a recent snapshot of my stats. If you are interested in a potential partnership, send me an email (peaches(at)auntpeaches(dot)com) with the subject line “Partnership Inquiry” to request more information. Please note, I will happily ignore all emails referencing unsolicited guest posts, paid-link exchanges, or promotion-for-product schemes. Thank you!