About me
If it’s spangled, feathered or dipped in chocolate—I’ll love it.

If it can be made on the cheap—even better.

headshot-circle-Hey you! I’m Peaches: aunt, artist, wannabe photographer, expert city dweller, World Class Diet Coke Connoisseur. My hands are always moving. My toenails are tangerine. I’m really good at procrastinating. Can’t remember the last time my sink wasn’t filled with dirty dishes. Didn’t get my driver’s license until a was twenty-nine. Did I mention it was my third attempt?

I don’t own an alarm clock. I wake up to church bells and cat hair. I spend way too much time watching late-night Golden Girls reruns. But really I spend most of the time time feeling like a bucktoothed country mouse in a sea of uber-cool city mice. Folks round here make fun of me for using terms like y’all and beauty salon and peckerwood and please and thank you. It’s ok because I make fun of them for using sausage as a verb.

A graphic designer by trade, I get paid to sit in my office listening to people telling me to “make it pretty.” Yup, it’s awesome.  Despite the creative awesomeness of The Job, I need a place to write about nifty crap, like my cat’s new party hat and glitter encrusted disco dinosaurs.  Welcome to my blog!

klout-scoreAbout this Website
AuntPeaches.com was founded in 2010 as a sandbox for practicing my html skills and an excuse to make unhealthy quantities of paper flowers. Since then, it has blossomed into a vital part of my daily life and easily, easily, the best thing I ever did for myself. My work here has been featured across all forms of major media and has lead to commission work for retailers, magazines, and even a couple of celebrities. More importantly, this blog has brought me some of my most valued friendships, and, in the summer of 2014, the ad revenue from this site was a critical element in achieving my life-long goal to become self-employed. Boo yow! Everyday, I find myself more and more grateful for the audience and partnerships that made this possible. Thank you.

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AuntPeaches.com receives an average of 300,000 pageviews a month, with a core audience consisting of college-educated women between 25 and 45 with above average incomes and excellent taste in blogs. On the right you will find a recent snapshot of my stats. If you are interested in a potential partnership, send me an email (emailauntpeaches-at-gmail-dot-com). I look forward to hearing from you.