Correlations and Coincidence

closeup bannan pudding

Here is the thing: Have you ever noticed that cars with overly aggressive political bumper stickers are always occupied with the worst drivers? It’s true. And it’s not restricted any particular party or cause. This thing runs across the board. Why is that? Look, I’m not saying it’s the bumper sticker that *makes* you a […]



Some twenty years ago I sold a painting of a fountain to a total stranger in a Denver Broncos hat, and to this day, that was the best $18 I have ever made. The best. And it was a horrible painting, but ever since then I have been chasing the thrill that came from selling my art to someone […]

Flowers for 30 Days


Welp. I’ll be a donkey. I just realized it’s been a week since my last post, which isn’t a huge deal but it’s probably the longest break I have ever taken since starting this site in 2010. Hee-haw. I would love to say it was because I’m too busy, but honestly it’s because I’m selfishly […]

On Hairless Cats and the Art of the Purge


Oh friends, what a week this has been! This week has been a parade of tiny delights, not least of which is this incredible painting my friend Laura sent me. Look! Most of you don’t know, I have an obsession with hairless cats. They are my thing. It started years ago when I worked in an office […]

Ice Painting with Liquitex Paint


As much as I have been grooving on painting flowers lately, there is something really satisfying about a totally random abstract. No meaning or purpose – just color, color, COLOR. Michael’s asked me to show a new way to use one of their favorite brands – Liquitex paints. Lucky for me, they are one of […]

Adventures in Chain Link


I have a strange affection for chain link fences. Cyclone fences, as some folks call them. Some of my west-coast friends think they are horribly outdated, but they are still a mainstay here in the backyards of middle America. They are old. They are charming. They are sturdy-as-all-get-out. They are are also an interesting canvas for […]

Art vs. Pretty: Anne Ten Donkelaar


Gut is a weird concept. It’s a biological location, but it’s also an abstract word for something nobody knows how to describe, we just know that it’s important. We are supposed to follow our guts. Listen to our guts. I get annoyed when people use phrases like “I love your guts out” or “I’m going to […]

Extreme Plastic Bottle Art


You know that cartoon where Donald Duck is walking down the street eating an ice cream cone and he’s happy and feeling pretty good then Goofy or some dumbass walks down the street eating a 30 scoop hot fudge sundae out of a silver chalice and suddenly Donald Duck turns red with rage about his […]

Remix to Ignition: Big Blue


Bloggers like me frequently run into a problem. It’s called space. Or, lack of space. There are only so many times you can make over bedspreads when you only have one bed. This is when I start asking friends, “Didn’t you say you needed a new bedspread?” and they are like, “I never said anything of the sort. […]