Extreme Plastic Bottle Art


You know that cartoon where Donald Duck is walking down the street eating an ice cream cone and he’s happy and feeling pretty good then Goofy or some dumbass walks down the street eating a 30 scoop hot fudge sundae out of a silver chalice and suddenly Donald Duck turns red with rage about his […]

Remix to Ignition: Big Blue


Bloggers like me frequently run into a problem. It’s called space. Or, lack of space. There are only so many times you can make over bedspreads when you only have one bed. This is when I start asking friends, “Didn’t you say you needed a new bedspread?” and they are like, “I never said anything of the sort. […]

Marble Painting the Easy Way


The marble trend has been growing stronger and I am loving every bit of it. People are dipping and swirling everything but their shoes (okay, their shoes too!). I think we are drawn to stuff like this where we get to influence the process but still get the joy of surprise at the moment of […]

10 Minute Bead Mosaic


With Fat Tuesday less than 2 weeks away, now is just about time of year I like to round up a really good excuse to hoard Mardi Gras beads. This year, to celebrate, I put together a decorative tray that doubles as year-round wall art if you play your colors right. It’s fast, cheap, and […]

Lolabelle: The Portrait

Number 68 on my life list: “Get Lola’s portrait painted.” I had a feeling it would be the last straw in my magnificent spiral toward crazy cat lady, but, so be it. I was ready to take the plunge! Fortunately for me, about a month ago I was in an online conversation with some blogging […]

Reverse Stenciling with Rubber Cement

Some women have a thing for shoes – I have a thing for cheap art. Thrift store art. I buy anything in a nice looking frame. If it’s under $5 and it’s in a nice frame, it comes home with me. This is how I end up with a basement that looks like the island […]

Happy Stripes

Tracy emailed me to ask about the stripe painting in back of the bottle light I posted a couple weeks ago. It seemed like too-simple of a tutorial to make a thing out of it, but now that someone has asked and my ego has been stroked, why not? Why not make a thing? Tracy […]

Yet Another Reason I need to Go to Pittsburgh

Last week I found out about Pittsburgh’s traditional wedding receptions featuring barge-sized tables piled with home baked cookies…AND NOW it’s a homemade sweater for Mr. Rogers. How many ways is this amazing? Also amazing: the artist who made it. I need not remind you of how I feel about Mr. Rogers. I also need not […]