Lolabelle: The Portrait

Number 68 on my life list: “Get Lola’s portrait painted.” I had a feeling it would be the last straw in my magnificent spiral toward crazy cat lady, but, so be it. I was ready to take the plunge! Fortunately for me, about a month ago I was in an online conversation with some blogging […]

Reverse Stenciling with Rubber Cement

Some women have a thing for shoes – I have a thing for cheap art. Thrift store art. I buy anything in a nice looking frame. If it’s under $5 and it’s in a nice frame, it comes home with me. This is how I end up with a basement that looks like the island […]

Happy Stripes

Tracy emailed me to ask about the stripe painting in back of the bottle light I posted a couple weeks ago. It seemed like too-simple of a tutorial to make a thing out of it, but now that someone has asked and my ego has been stroked, why not? Why not make a thing? Tracy […]

Yet Another Reason I need to Go to Pittsburgh

Last week I found out about Pittsburgh’s traditional wedding receptions featuring barge-sized tables piled with home baked cookies…AND NOW it’s a homemade sweater for Mr. Rogers. How many ways is this amazing? Also amazing: the artist who made it. I need not remind you of how I feel about Mr. Rogers. I also need not […]

Uncle Henry

I bought a painting of Uncle Henry. No, he is not my Uncle Henry, that’s just the name the dude behind the counter at the thrift store called him. Curious, I asked, How do you know his name is Henry? Or that he is an Uncle? We don’t. That’s what we came up with. You […]

Big Pinky: Ticket Stub Art

Google the term “World’s Fugliest Painting” and you will get 51,700 results. Then last weekend at Goodwill, I hit #51,701. It was beige. It was flowered. It was HUGE. It was $7.00.  Ladies and Gents, do you know how much a 4’x5’  canvas at an art store costs?  A Helluvah lot more than $7.00, that’s […]

Portrait of a Lady

My friend Kelly sent me a link to something called ReplaceFace – a Tumblr feed of military portraits, only the faces of the original Russian generals have been replaced with the heads of celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, and Jack Nicholson. Kelly, knowing my fondness for photoshopped weird things, thought I might want to […]