Marble Painting the Easy Way


-+*The marble trend has been growing stronger and I am loving every bit of it. People are dipping and swirling everything but their shoes (okay, their shoes too!). I think we are drawn to stuff like this where we get to influence the process but still get the joy of surprise at the moment of […]

10 Minute Bead Mosaic


-+*With Fat Tuesday less than 2 weeks away, now is just about time of year I like to round up a really good excuse to hoard Mardi Gras beads. This year, to celebrate, I put together a decorative tray that doubles as year-round wall art if you play your colors right. It’s fast, cheap, and […]

Lolabelle: The Portrait

-+*Number 68 on my life list: “Get Lola’s portrait painted.” I had a feeling it would be the last straw in my magnificent spiral toward crazy cat lady, but, so be it. I was ready to take the plunge! Fortunately for me, about a month ago I was in an online conversation with some blogging […]

Reverse Stenciling with Rubber Cement

-+*Some women have a thing for shoes – I have a thing for cheap art. Thrift store art. I buy anything in a nice looking frame. If it’s under $5 and it’s in a nice frame, it comes home with me. This is how I end up with a basement that looks like the island […]

Happy Stripes

-+*Tracy emailed me to ask about the stripe painting in back of the bottle light I posted a couple weeks ago. It seemed like too-simple of a tutorial to make a thing out of it, but now that someone has asked and my ego has been stroked, why not? Why not make a thing? Tracy […]

Yet Another Reason I need to Go to Pittsburgh

-+*Last week I found out about Pittsburgh’s traditional wedding receptions featuring barge-sized tables piled with home baked cookies…AND NOW it’s a homemade sweater for Mr. Rogers. How many ways is this amazing? Also amazing: the artist who made it. I need not remind you of how I feel about Mr. Rogers. I also need not […]

Uncle Henry

-+*I bought a painting of Uncle Henry. No, he is not my Uncle Henry, that’s just the name the dude behind the counter at the thrift store called him. Curious, I asked, How do you know his name is Henry? Or that he is an Uncle? We don’t. That’s what we came up with. You […]

Rad and Cheap: Weird Art Imma Need in My House

-+*Doctors can tell a lot about a person’s health just by looking at their tongue; You and I can tell a lot about a person’s life by looking at their art.  Nothing reflects the people who live in a home like the art on their walls. Nothing. Is it a pre-framed print they bought to […]