Things I Want for My Birthday

Woke up this morning to find a cicada buzzing around under my covers. In bed. With me.  If you have never seen a cicada, understand that this is not a good thing. A Cicada is an insect somewhere between a horse fly and a cockroach, roughly the size of  a fat man’s thumb, aggressive and […]

Happy Birthday, America

Ammmmmmerrrrricccca!!!!! Girl, you crazy bitch. How are you?! We haven’t seen each other in…what?…No…Has it been? Well you know me, I never miss a birthday. Happy birthday Girl!  How old are you again? …WHAT! Damn, you do not look your age at all. Two-hundred and thirty seven? Crap. That is olllllld. Is it the botox? […]

Tacos for Everyone: Happy Birthday Lola

It’s now been five years since Lola (formerly known as Lolabelle the Magnificent) arrived home from the shelter.  Five years of dancing in the rafters of catladyhood. Five years of waking at dawn to the sound of bathtub yodeling and the scampering of fury, ham hock legs running the length of the house, back and […]

Confetti Cake Toppers

Cold evenings in late February. Cottage pie with friends. King cake for an appetizer. Chocolate cake for dessert. Paper valentines on the walls. Mardi Gras beads on the door. Paper hats on our heads. There is so much to celebrate… Cake Logic I have a five minute rule about cake decorating. It goes like this: No […]

The Rumspringa of Dessert

I may or may not have spent my birthday dinner at a Medieval Times (“Dinner and Tournament!”) eating chicken legs with my fingers and wearing a paper crown that barely squeezed over my head. It was amazing. There were long-haired horses and sequined wizards and pina coladas served in glow-in-the-dark challices. I may or may […]

Happy Birthday to Us

It’s true. Lola has major coffee breath. And yes, it’s also true: I’m proud to say that this this little blog was born one year ago today. Hooray! According to wikipedia, today’s July 1st birthday is shared with Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana and Canada. Note, if you ever want to feel like an uncouth fat […]