Custom Party Hats (and not just for kids and cats!)

-+*My friend Noeleen,snarling on her birthday and wearing a photo of herself snarling at a previous birthday.PS: I’ll have you know, Noeleen authorized the public distribution of the photo above in exchange for my bringing coca cola cake to her boyfriend’s NYE party…!!BARGAIN!! Oh, how I love me some party hats. I jump at any […]

Rhinestone Rhinoceros Menorah

-+*I never claimed to have good taste. Extensive glitter collection, yes. Good taste, no. But listen y’all, it’s Chanukah, and if I want to remember the miracle of the Maccabees through a something four-legged, spangled and fabulous, well, I’m dang-well going to do it! The pink elephant came about a few years ago following a […]

My Favorite Menorah

-+*Wine bottle + paper towel tube + plastic forks + rag scraps + glue + glitter = Happy Chanuakkah Y’all! For an old wine bottle and paper towel tube, this menorah is pretty darn snazzy, not to mention ancient. Out of my many menorahs, this one is by far my favorite. It’s an arts and […]

Fancy Schmancy Gilded Jam Jars

-+*Aren’t these pretty? Cheap and easy too. There is something truly magical about candlelight reflecting off real gold. It illuminates with a different, special sort of radiant warmth. Magic like. If you have ever attended a candlelight mass at an old Gothic cathedral, you have seen the magic in action, all shimmery and golden. It’s […]

Friday Flowers: Dahlia Gift Bags

-+*Inspiration strikes in funny places. These gift bags were inspired by three things this week… Birthdays. Lots of them lately. Apparently I am drawn to Pisces. Who knew? Dahlias. Specifically THIS story on Design*Sponge on the glory of dahlias, courtesy of Studio Choo. Gahhhh, aren’t they gorgeous?! What would I would give to live in […]

Spider Web Luminaries

-+*Not much time for Halloween hoopla this year, a few festive luminaries go a long way! Luminaries are so good at creating atmosphere, especially now that the days are getting dark and chilly. Candlelight alone is lovely, but candlelight glowing through crumpled wax paper bags is really something to be seen! The effect is almost […]

Gourd Decor

-+*This last week has been a beehive of events and activities, severely marred by a flu bug that will not go away.  Shoo flu, shoo!  I have things to do!Until I get back in the swing of things, wanted to share this little arrangement from a autumnal charity event. There were some beautiful, traditional style […]

Melted Crayon Lumanaries

-+*Candles are like pantyhose for your house: They make everything look good. I try to use candles as often as possible because they are the cheapest and most effective way to make mundane stuff seem special. I can’t get enough of them.  Tuesday Meatloaf is no fun, but Tuesday dinner served by candlelight is a  […]