My Favorite Christmas Carol

I put some oranges and a disco balls in a bowl. Why? Because I could. And it’s Christmas. And because 1977’s Disco Christmas might be the fiercest holiday track since the dawn of sleigh bells. Most people have a childhood favorite holiday song – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, […]

Christmas Decorations: The Dining Room

Happy Monday! Did y’all see Mariah Carey’s penthouse on the Today show last Friday? It’s decked for Christmas in 20 kinds of pink. Pink flowers. Pink ribbons. Pink pillows. Steel Magnolia style. Mariah came off drunk and greedy, but you have to admire the woman’s taste in holiday décor. Also, it takes some big hairy […]

Why am I Not Swedish?

Is my deep and abiding love for ABBA, Pippi, and paskris Easter trees not enough? When will Sweden adopt me as a native? How much crispbread and pickled herring does one need to eat before they open for amnesty? This is important. I need to know! Welp. You could say I’m a little bit obsessed […]

10 Minute Gift Bow Wreath

Have you ever been to a garage sale and seen someone trying to sell a giant granny bag of rumpled, once-used gift bows? Probably not. Because I bought them before you got there. Dude. Don’t hate me because I’m early. I made this red one last year but never posted it. I liked it so […]

Instant Christmas Spirit

Want to get the holiday spirit in a hurry? A friend told me about this trick: Do a youtube search for “Christmas commercials + ___the year you were seven years old___”.  For me, this is what I found. Annnnnnnd it worked. It totally worked. As soon as I finish this post I’m running off to […]

Christmas Tour: Living Room

The Christmas decorations are up! Who wants to come over for hot toddies and armadillo dip? Keep in mind, more than 90% of what you see here is second hand (even split between thrift stores and thoughtful friends), the rest is from Garden Ridge (–If you have one in your area, you need to go. […]

A Christmas Tree for Kitchen

Dear Kitchen, I know, I know. You need a full-sized Christmas tree like I need a hole in the head, but this needed to happen. Home Depot was selling five foot spruces for $12.98 and how was I going to say no to that? I know, I know. It’s weird to put a tree in […]

Pom Pom Garland

My pom pom obsession continues. This time it’s on the tree. So easy to make. So easy. I may have gotten distracted by a Harry Potter marathon (damn you Disney Family channel!) and before you know it… Ahem: So, I need to give credit on the inspiration here. Last summer, Jaderbomb made some awesome pom […]

Five New Ways to Use Tinsel Garland

There are two kinds of people in this world; people who like tinsel garland, and people who need to start liking tinsel. There are also people who claim they can’t keep it in the house because they don’t want to pull it out of a dog butt come New Years (valid concern), so with that […]

Oh Holiday Card, Oh Holiday Card

There was a time when I made a hundred+ holiday cards each year. Glittered and glued, lovingly sealed in construction paper envelopes….that’s all a thing of the past. The last two years I have barely sent any, mostly because I push it back and think I’ll do it after the tree is up…after the shopping […]