Christmas Morning Mimosas


My cousin John is something of a mixologist.  Two years ago he shared this recipe for Santa’s Little Helper and it’s been one of my most popular Christmastime posts ever since. Everybody loves a good cocktail! Now I’m back with the fam this week, chillin’ and boozin’ and waiting for John to hurry up and make whiskey […]

Painted Gift Bags


Remember that time when you had nothing else to do two weeks before Christmas and spent hours lovingly painting gift wrap for your friends and family? No? Hmmm….well, remember that time you freaked out because you were leaving town and instead of doing your work you went into a manic surge of creative energy and […]

Poppin Tags: Ballers and Bowlers


One time I went to the thrift store looking for champagne glasses but all I could find are these KICKASS GRANNY SEQUIN KISSING CHRISTMAS BALLS. Oh hell yeah. Sometimes, late at night, I can hear my eleven-year-old self piercing styrofoam with pearl head pins in Mrs. Densham’s home economics class. Do you even remember when […]

Easy Drinking Straw Garland


So, if we haven’t discussed this before, I’m kind of a hoarder. I’m not the storage-unit-for-my-QVC-habit kind of a hoarder, I’m just the only-buy-spaghetti-sauce-in-reusable-jars kind of hoarder. It’s not like I need another mason jar, it’s just that I need to use everything. Somebody told me that’s a very French way of thinking, which made me […]