DIY Tassel Napkin Rings


-+*Confession: I hate napkin rings. No, really. It’s hard to hate something like a napkin ring, but I do, I really do. So imagine the surprise I felt when I was setting the table and a wave of inferiority rushed over me. I NEED POMPOMS. I NEED POMPOMS. I NEED POMPOM NAPKIN RINGS! …and thus, […]

Flamingo Cake Toppers for Under A Buck

-+*It’s official: Flamingos are The Unofficial Bird of 2014. They are pink. They are rad. They are everywhere. I’d like to think this is because of my 2013 flamingo Christmas tree (thanks again to all who participated in the exchange!) but I think the rightful origin of this trend is just good old fashioned common […]

Easy Watermelon Tablecloth

-+*Eating watermelon makes me feel like a rebel. Easily, it is the most badass fruit. See, I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a “no eating watermelon in the house” type of house. Too messy. Too sticky.  First you give a kid a slice of watermelon, next you find slimy black seeds […]

Paper Cups and Thoughts on Stuff

-+* Yay! Today I am guest posting a fun and easy tutorial on paper cup lanterns over at Elizabeth Banks. Actually, thing is, I’m a day late on this. My post went up yesterday. Today if you go to you will see another post, a post I would much rather you read than my thing […]

Napkin Folding 101

-+*I have a thing for folded napkins. Don’t ask me why or where it comes from, it just makes me feel good. My house could be in a state of filth unfit to grow penicillin with laundry piled to the ceiling and dishes in the sink…barely enough room on the table to eat a bowl […]

Confetti Cake Toppers

-+*Cold evenings in late February. Cottage pie with friends. King cake for an appetizer. Chocolate cake for dessert. Paper valentines on the walls. Mardi Gras beads on the door. Paper hats on our heads. There is so much to celebrate… Cake Logic I have a five minute rule about cake decorating. It goes like this: […]

Top 10 Romantic Movies (AKA The Anti-Superbowl)

-+*It’s the first day of February, which means that I get to spend this weekend in an endemic plague of non-stop football commentary waiting for the Superbowl to descend upon me like some screaming, unholy, Pepsi-sponsored death rattle.  In other words: Can we get this over with? The fact is, not everyone likes football. I’m […]