Easy Father’s Day Cake Toppers

Here is a question for you; What about Father’s Day? Seriously. What do you do for Father’s Day? Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, and even National Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6th BTW)….they all have clear expectations and traditions. But what about Father’s Day? How do you celebrate? The traditions are still in […]

Comfort Food: Berry Cobbler

If you ever drive down a Midwestern country highway in summer, you will occasionally see a weather beaten sign, usually scrawled on cardboard by someone who appears to enjoy writing in oversized markers with their feet: U-PICK.This is code for “bring a bucket and pick stuff” which is another way of saying “super cheap, super […]

The Ultimate Way to Eat Chocolate

You know what’s awesome? When you write a long-winded and embarrassing blog post about doubting your ability to ever make money at blogging…and then, not ten minutes later, you get an email from a chocolate company that says, “Can we pay you to blog about eating chocolate?” …and if that isn’t a sign, I don’t […]

What’s For Dinner: Fancy Pants Grilled Cheese

It’s fall. It’s sweater weather. It’s cider weather. It’s spooky weather. It’s white people goin’ crazy over pumpkin flavored foods weather. It’s October. And for me, that means it’s grilled cheese weather. Not just any grilled cheese though. Fancy grilled cheese. To be specific, goat cheese and cucumbers with arugula on rye grilled cheese. You […]

Liberace Guacamole

One of my favorite websites, Brain Pickings, highlighted a cookbook from my favorite person, Liberace, including his recipe for my favorite food, guacamole. Slam = dunk. Now we are talking! In all fairness, I knew I was going to like this. How could I not? But honestly, Mother of God, this is good guacamole. Even […]

Cookie Time

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they like their cookies. I mean, sure, everyone likes cookies, but if you let them pick their ideal out of a line-up, you would see how quickly the party lines are drawn. People who like soft and chewy cookies have very different personalities than […]

What’s for Dinner: Stove Salad

Guhhh. I am getting so boring in my old age. In addition to giving up my Diet Coke habit (30 days y’all!), I am making an active effort to eat healthier. It’ s not that I have been eating unhealthy in recent years, but I have become too reliant on ordering take-out or coming home […]

Old Fashioned Chicken Boil

This is not a food blog. I just want to clarify that. It’s not that I don’t cook (I do) or can’t cook (I can)…it’s just that there are plenty of people who do it better. In posting recipes here, I fear that I would over-inflate my skills by trying to shove my recipes down […]

Elizabethan Baked Goods

Hey you. Happy Thursday. I was making you some jumbo banana nut muffins because I know how much you like them, but the thing is, I ran out of liners. They got used up on a lamp or something. Or maybe it was giftwrap. I could have just greased the pan but my muffin rack […]