Silk Scarf Pumpkins

pattern pumpkin craft

It’s the first day of September. You know what that means? It’s pumpkin season. Heyo! Michael’s asked me to decorate one of their foam pumpkins as part of their Michael’s Makers program and I was like, No problemo. Bring on the fall! If you have followed the blog lately you know I got rid of […]

Sparkle Tooth Alert: Collage Clay Crystal Skull


Two things I can never get enough of: frosting and rhinestone skulls. I needed something to coordinate with my Liberace gourds, naturally, and since sugar skulls are all the rage, this needed to happen. He’s out on the bookshelf now but I’m thinking he may need to stay out year round. Nothing says Christmas like […]

No-Sew Flying Spaghetti Monster


Know what’s cuter than a cute dog? A cute dog dressed like spaghetti. Yup. It’s happening.  Kiki’s dog Abraham is one of those dogs that never stops moving. I think it’s a terrier thing. Jumping, dancing, hugging, wiggling, kissing the mailman, barking orders at the squirrels. Weird thing – he likes wearing clothes. He doesn’t even […]

Patchwork Pumpkins with Oil Pastels


Reasons I don’t carve pumpkins: 1. Smell.  2. Slime.  3. Smell. 4. Ewww. Did I mention I don’t carve pumpkins? Yeah. No. It’s not happening. As much as I admire those who brave the pumpkin slaughter in a decorative fashion, I’m not doing it. That said, I still wanted some pumpkins to put out on […]

Sugar Skull Necklace


As much as I admire those adults who dress up in elaborate Halloween costumes, I don’t have too many occasions to wear one (shout out to the chicken costume in my basement!). Just the same, I like a little festive touch to my outfit. You know. To match the candy cauldron.  Sugar skulls are my […]

Yay, November.

Has anyone out there on the interweb heard of this thing called leftover Halloween candy? It is a new phenomenon.  A no-good something akin to global warming or decorative hair feathers, I suspect. When I was but a wee tatertot, no adult ever had to worry about leftover candy because there never was such a […]

Creepy Skeleton Necklace

I’ve got a couple of Halloween parties this weekend, neither one of which calls for a costume. This either means I am getting old, or I need more festive friends. This also means I need a way to infuse some Halloween fun without being the only one in the room drinking wine in a Teenage […]

Gourds Gone Wild

My friend Dalemade the most amazing jack-o-lanterns out of dried gourds. Look! I posted a phone shot of these on Facebook last year and everyone loved them, so I thought I’d go over and take some decent pictures to show you guys. Are they not the coolest thing ever? The one on the bottom is […]

Skeleton Crew

There is a serious sugar skull situation up in here. Despite the fact that my co–worker declared my creations closer to Mexican wrestler than  Mexican skeleton, I went and made some more. Then I went and mixed them in with my Liberace pumpkins on a bookshelf. Now it looks like Liberace and Lucha Libre went […]

I might owe her a buck.

I decided I needed some non-scary Halloween flair at work, so I made a sugar skull out of a paper mache mask to hang up in my office. It’s festive right? And a little rhinestone action never killed anyone. And even if it did, big whoop, it’s the day of the dead after all. No […]