No-Sew Flying Spaghetti Monster


Know what’s cuter than a cute dog? A cute dog dressed like spaghetti. Yup. It’s happening.  Kiki’s dog Abraham is one of those dogs that never stops moving. I think it’s a terrier thing. Jumping, dancing, hugging, wiggling, kissing the mailman, barking orders at the squirrels. Weird thing – he likes wearing clothes. He doesn’t even […]

Patchwork Pumpkins with Oil Pastels


Reasons I don’t carve pumpkins: 1. Smell.  2. Slime.  3. Smell. 4. Ewww. Did I mention I don’t carve pumpkins? Yeah. No. It’s not happening. As much as I admire those who brave the pumpkin slaughter in a decorative fashion, I’m not doing it. That said, I still wanted some pumpkins to put out on […]

Sugar Skull Necklace


As much as I admire those adults who dress up in elaborate Halloween costumes, I don’t have too many occasions to wear one (shout out to the chicken costume in my basement!). Just the same, I like a little festive touch to my outfit. You know. To match the candy cauldron.  Sugar skulls are my […]

Yay, November.

Has anyone out there on the interweb heard of this thing called leftover Halloween candy? It is a new phenomenon.  A no-good something akin to global warming or decorative hair feathers, I suspect. When I was but a wee tatertot, no adult ever had to worry about leftover candy because there never was such a […]

Creepy Skeleton Necklace

I’ve got a couple of Halloween parties this weekend, neither one of which calls for a costume. This either means I am getting old, or I need more festive friends. This also means I need a way to infuse some Halloween fun without being the only one in the room drinking wine in a Teenage […]

Gourds Gone Wild

My friend Dalemade the most amazing jack-o-lanterns out of dried gourds. Look! I posted a phone shot of these on Facebook last year and everyone loved them, so I thought I’d go over and take some decent pictures to show you guys. Are they not the coolest thing ever? The one on the bottom is […]

Skeleton Crew

There is a serious sugar skull situation up in here. Despite the fact that my co–worker declared my creations closer to Mexican wrestler than  Mexican skeleton, I went and made some more. Then I went and mixed them in with my Liberace pumpkins on a bookshelf. Now it looks like Liberace and Lucha Libre went […]

I might owe her a buck.

I decided I needed some non-scary Halloween flair at work, so I made a sugar skull out of a paper mache mask to hang up in my office. It’s festive right? And a little rhinestone action never killed anyone. And even if it did, big whoop, it’s the day of the dead after all. No […]

Skeletal Flamboyance

Do you know what a flock of flamingos is called? A flamboyance. A flamboyance of flamingos. A group of peacocks is called an ostentation. A group of crows is called a murder. A group of coots is called a covert, and a bunch of starlings is called a chattering. That’s all I can think of […]