Sugar Skull Necklace


As much as I admire those adults who dress up in elaborate Halloween costumes, I don’t have too many occasions to wear one (shout out to the chicken costume in my basement!). Just the same, I like a little festive touch to my outfit. You know. To match the candy cauldron.  Sugar skulls are my […]

Five Minute Tassel Necklaces

Ways in Which Tassels are Rad by Aunt Peaches. Tassels are rad because of lots of the following reasons. Ahem: 1. Tassels look very cool. 2. Your cat will think they are toys. 3. Tassels make your outfit look ethnic and bohemian enough to be interesting, but not so ethnic and bohemian you look like […]

Creepy Skeleton Necklace

I’ve got a couple of Halloween parties this weekend, neither one of which calls for a costume. This either means I am getting old, or I need more festive friends. This also means I need a way to infuse some Halloween fun without being the only one in the room drinking wine in a Teenage […]

Arm Candy

  I love bracelets. Bracelets love me.  We are in love.   And despite the fact that I have the wrists of a rhinoceros (and often resort to making my own), I never feel so pretty and dainty as when I wear an arm full of jangly bangles — something I do quite frequently. Thought I […]

Auriferous Flamingos

Check out my flamingo earrings from Michelle! I can’t tell you how many compliments I received the first day I wore the matching necklace. This proves my theory that everyone loves flamingos. But honest, people refused to believe me when I told them how Michelle made these beautiful creatures. I’ll give you a clue: grab […]

Goody Bag: Jewelry Making Kits

Know something about me? I don’t own a single piece of “real” jewelry. And you know what? That’s just fine by me If a diamond necklace fell out of the sky and into my lap, I would probably make it into a cat toy. You think I’m kidding. However, I will say, as someone who […]

Puzzle Pins and Hog Hats

Check out my nifty new brooches! They are nothing but vintage puzzle pieces glued to a couple of dime store pin backs. Awesome much? This is the perfect piece for anyone wanting to show their Arkansas pride without wearing their Razorback hog hat around the neighborhood. Not that anything is wrong with Razorback hog hats. […]

Friday Flower: Pumpkin Seed Brooch

I have been so caught up in holiday hoopla that I was really struggling to come up with something floral to feature as a “Friday Flower” for today…but then, early this morning, Anne in NC made a comment on yesterday’s pumpkin seed necklace post; Just yesterday I saw someone with a beautiful brooch made from […]