Splendour in the Doughnuts

My wonderful friends Dan and Yasmin are getting married in December. Hoorah! Now this, this is exciting. Weddings are always exciting, of course, but it’s especially awesome to be friends with two people for years and think, Geez, when are these guys getting hitched already? And lo, here they are, they are going to do […]

Magnolia Time

I watch for the arrival of magnolias every year. It’s sort of my thing. I gauge the end of winter not by thermometers or groundhogs, but by the blossoming of branches. When the Magnolias arrive, spring is official here. Huzzah! Lookin’ good, ladies!

The Fried Pickle Pilgrimage

Last month I went to Mississippi to hang out with family and get warm for the first time in months. I was there most recently in October but this was the first time I have been down that way in late winter in several years. I nearly forgot how nice it is. The weeks bookending […]

My Favorite Online Photo Printing Sources

A couple of weeks ago I had an issue with a photo printing company pulling out of a sponsored post at the last minute. It’s a long story. I won’t go into the details here, but I concluded that I wanted to write a non-sponsored post about other online image printing resources that I already […]

Welcome Home Matt!

A little more than three years ago, on a typical Tuesday afternoon, my friend and colleague Matt Kelly stopped in my office for our usual round of candy, gossip and youtubing 90 second scenes from R. Kelly’s critical masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet.   Only this time was different. Silent, he sat there in the chair […]

Public Service Announcement

The mangled remnants of digital photo data recovery If you ever accidentally delete the contents of your digital camera’s memory card, or perhaps the lovely airport security people do it for you, please, oh please promise me you will remember one thing: do not take any more pictures. I repeat: DO NOT TAKE MORE PHOTOS. […]