But I’m praying just the same

I was going to post something about Halloween costumes today but that feels awfully irrelevant right now. As I sit here watching the news, gawking at the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, it occurs to me that there are other things to worry about than dressing up like Sexy Big Bird.  Color me humbled. So […]

The Rightness of Trees

I once heard a marriage counselor say that the world is divided into two types of people.  Type 1 is one sort of person who likes to be right. They enjoy it. They seek it. They feel that being correct/good/valid about something means they (as a person) are correct/good/valid by proxy. Type 2 is the […]

Icicles and Wild Flowers

Something about hot weather always gets me dreaming of the cold days of December. I have been known to play Christmas music in July. This is also the season for wild flowers, which I adore, but they never seem to look right when I try to arrange them with other flowers. They refuse to be […]