Painted Chargers for a Holiday Feast

I have been toying with the idea for painted holiday plates for a while, but I’m not patchouli enough to hang out at the local pottery shop wearing Tevas and tube socks. Since Thanksgiving is upon us, I decided to do a little experiment with painting chargers. Neither chargers nor placemats have been of interest […]

Horn of Plenty (of Peaches)

My friend Kiki keeps a beautiful horn of plenty on her dining room table. It looks very festive and fallish and her cats like to chew on the basket, just like the pilgrim kitties did at the first Thanksgiving. At first glance you would think it’s a regular cornucopia display, but if you look closer […]

Color Me Thankful

If you have been following this blog for a few weeks, you may have noticed a common thread: kid art. That seems an odd thing for someone who has no kids (ahem, don’t tell the cat I said that), but, I think, if there was ever a time for children to feel included in celebrations […]

Kid Art Luminaria

As a kid, I did not like Thanksgiving. Not that I disliked it, I just didn’t see much in it for me. As far as I could tell, turkey could be served any Thursday, what was so special about this one?  There was no decorating, no lead-up, no special task or activity unique to that […]

Turkey Sunglasses

In 1620, when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, you have to wonder what sorts of thoughts came to their mind; Will we find food? Will we survive the winter? Will our descendants remember our sacrifices? Will they gather around the harvest table with tasteful accoutrements such as indigenous corn, inherited gravy boats, and spangled […]

Kiddo Art as a Thanksgiving Garland

Last year I made this feather garland for Thanksgiving, the idea being that I could add a few more feathers each year. This year I did just that, but instead of painting some fancy paper myself, I used drawings from a couple of my favorite kiddos.I also busted off the garland and hung all over […]

Magical Paper Turkey Feathers

My mother liked to use the term charm bracelet as a verb. That sounds weird but it’s actually a handy thing. You can use it to describe anything that accumulates with purpose over time. I’m going to charm bracelet my way to a decent set of matching flatware.When it came to Christmas, the Hendersons took […]