Easy Drinking Straw Garland


So, if we haven’t discussed this before, I’m kind of a hoarder. I’m not the storage-unit-for-my-QVC-habit kind of a hoarder, I’m just the only-buy-spaghetti-sauce-in-reusable-jars kind of hoarder. It’s not like I need another mason jar, it’s just that I need to use everything. Somebody told me that’s a very French way of thinking, which made me […]

Beautiful Batch Gift: Homemade Hand Salve


Homemade gifts are a hard nut to crack. Crafty folks like me love to give them, but they have to be composed of equal parts love and efficiency. It’s not practical to make something that takes a whole day to create when there is a 50% chance the item will end up getting tossed by […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments


The ugly Christmas sweater party trend has been coming up a few years, and I hope it sticks around a few years more! But. As much as I love a good party uniform, I feel like there should be another occasion to show off some serious ugly sweater fabulousness. In my most humble opinion, the […]

Designer Tree for Under $100


By conservative estimate, I have decorated around 300 Christmas trees, which is a lot less impressive than it sounds. Most of them were designed to sell something or fill up a lobby. Some were nice, some were not…some were beautiful, but very few of them were ever loved. It’s kinda sad. There is a part […]

Sequin Mason Jar Lid Ornaments


My 3 favorite words: Party. Pinterest. Crafts. What are you doing this Saturday? On November 15th, my favorite craft store, Michaels, is hosting a Holiday Pinterest Party. Everyone will be given a list of Pinterest-inspired holiday projects and an exclusive coupon to use when purchasing products needed to complete your project. To kick things off, Michael’s […]

DIY Tassel Napkin Rings


Confession: I hate napkin rings. No, really. It’s hard to hate something like a napkin ring, but I do, I really do. So imagine the surprise I felt when I was setting the table and a wave of inferiority rushed over me. I NEED POMPOMS. I NEED POMPOMS. I NEED POMPOM NAPKIN RINGS! …and thus, […]