Custom Collage Frames


As part of the summer celebrations campaign, Michael’s asked me to put together a Father’s Day project for kids of all ages. Something that families can work on together. Photo frames are always a favorite, and collage clay makes mosaic-style art projects super easy (did you see my rhinestone skulls from last fall? Hello!) Materials […]

Remix to Ignition: Big Blue


Bloggers like me frequently run into a problem. It’s called space. Or, lack of space. There are only so many times you can make over bedspreads when you only have one bed. This is when I start asking friends, “Didn’t you say you needed a new bedspread?” and they are like, “I never said anything of the sort. […]

Gold Leaf Wooden Bowls


My gold-on-wood flatware has started me on a gold-on-wood craze all over the house, starting with these bowls I made last month. Wooden salad bowls are one of those things I grew up with but we rarely used because they needed to be hand washed. Sound familiar?  Welp, if that is the case and I […]

Doodling: Aluminum Notebook Covers


Last week I was on the phone and got caught without a pen. That’s not unusual in the computer age but it make strings difficult for compulsive doodlers like me. Hard up for something to fidget with, I started picking at a glob of dried glue on the cover of my notebook and a small […]

DIY Paskris Easter Tree


There are a lot of old world traditions in Europe that never took off in America; castles, soccer, the metric system, public healthcare. Five years ago nobody in Arizona knew what Nutella was and now they smear it on burritos. Because that is what we do best, America, we take old timey European favorites and Pump […]

Monet’s Lily Pad Gift Boxes


They say you have never truly lived until you have been to Paris. Welp, I am behind schedule! And although I have been fortunate enough to visit France on a few occasions, I have never seen Paris beyond the airport. Sad violin, right? Lucky me (or should I say, lucky us)…Michael’s is hosting a contest for […]

Marble Painting the Easy Way


The marble trend has been growing stronger and I am loving every bit of it. People are dipping and swirling everything but their shoes (okay, their shoes too!). I think we are drawn to stuff like this where we get to influence the process but still get the joy of surprise at the moment of […]