Chalky Finish Painted Furniture

A few years ago I started getting emails from product companies about chalk paint. Chalk paint this, chalk paint that. It was, dare I use the word; trendy. The advantage of chalk paint over other sorts of furniture paint was that, in addition to a soft matte finish, the application process was far more forgiving than […]

Homemade Bleach Stamped Bolster Pillow

Bleach and I are not friends. For one thing, the smell nauseates me. For another thing, there was this time I tried to bleach my curtains, went overboard, and everything tasted like pool water for a week. And for another thing, regular liquid bleach and accidents like to happen waaaaaaay too often. Have you ever […]

Flat Flowers Gone Wild

I went to a crafternoon with some friends this last weekend. There were flowers, and Tacky Glue, and Miss Patty’s dinosaur cheese dip. Hurrah! Fun was had by all, particularly me, because I didn’t have to make any of it. I did supply the idea though – making three dimensional floral arrangements out of two-dimensional […]

Metallic Leaf Love

Turkey day is nearly here, huzzah! As someone who has never been big on football, one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to keep busy with easy craft project after the meal is over (or if you are lucky enough, before the meal is up because some fabulous family member is doing all the cooking). […]

Craft Lightning: 60 Second Candle Cozy

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times: Candles are everything. Candles are pantyhose for your home – they make everything look good. I’m not saying they will put away the the dirty socks on your floor, but they will make those socks less noticeable. And probably smell better too! Candles […]