Failed Adventures in Origami

Last night I watched Spice World on basic cable and made origami cranes. And glittered them. That’s how I roll. I’m not good at origami and half the stuff comes out wonky, but I like the way the wonky ones look best when they are displayed all in one big mass. Like this. This wreath […]

Patriotic Cocktail Wreath

Two years ago, Camilla made the most amazing wreath featuring a paper cocktail umbrellas. You should see it. It’s awesome. After seeing her wreath, I made a mental note to pick up umbrellas at the party store so I could make my own, but for whatever reason, paper umbrellas and I never crossed paths. Until […]

Big Easy Mardi Gras Wreath

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, which makes this the Monday before Mardi Gras, aka Lundi Gras. Time to get our bead on. Hot pink wreath from Dollar Store + pipe cleaners + a whole lot of throw beads = instant wreath. Total time: 10 minutesTotal Cost: $1 (would have been more if I didn’t have a […]

Old Timey Mushroom Wreath

In my ongoing effort to expand my Christmas décor with non-Christmassy things, AND learn a thing or two about new Christmas traditions, I discovered that mushrooms are an ancient symbol of good luck in many  parts of the world. Get that? Mushrooms. They are not just for pizza anymore. I also happen to think mushrooms […]

All Seasons Golden Magnolia Wreath

I’m taking a unique approach to my holiday decorations this year. Not unique like Pablo the Burrito Unicorn, I mean unique in that I’m doing it a little different. This year I’m embracing a non-Christmasy approach Christmas decorations. *GASP* Yes, I’m still doing up the trees and garlands and the cookies and The Carpenters….but when […]

Dear Turd Burglar

Dear Turd Burglar, Look at you.  More important, look at what you have become. You have elevated yourself to the rank of persons who steal craft goods. Not cash. Not guns. Not electronics. No TB, you went for the win and used your dark talents to snag a decorative autumnal wreath. I know what you […]

Christmas in Williamsburg

Quiz: Do you own a Christmas sweater? Do you resent synthetic Christmas trees?Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg between Thanksgiving and New Years? If you answer Yes, Yes, and No, I suggest you quit reading this and book a trip for next year. Because, my friend, your butt belongs in Williamsburg!   Christmas in Williamsburg is special. Yes, […]