Six Kaftans Under $35

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was crazy for kaftans, and from your response, I’d guess you guys feel the same. And why not? Kaftans are the ultimate all-occasion garment. Pool party? Kaftan.Grocery store? Kaftan.Long flight? Kaftan.Your regular sweatpants are covered with cat hair and glitter? Kaftan. No belts, no sizes, no nothing. Errrrbody […]

No-Sew Bolero

So, it turns out, that post I wrote about turning a scarf into a shrug was pretty popular. Turns out that everybody wants to cover their shoulders once in a while, and knit cardigans just ain’t cuttin’ it. Buh-bye, Cardigans! These boleros are so easy to make. Just snip-snip an old T-shirt and bam-boom-bam, you […]

Easy Ten Minute Summer Shrug

Something you may not know about me: I am a scarf hoarder. I am also a regular hoarder- hoarder, minus the raccoon skeleton behind the fridge. And I can see my floor. Today, at least. But anyway, back to scarves…I have a lot. Last March I set about hand-washing all the silk ones in a […]

Not Bad for Two Bucks

Check out my new shoes! They are from a party at the G-Dub. Btw, G-Dub is short for Goodwill, as my friend Dee calls it. Also known as the thrift store, or second-hand shop, or charity shoppe if you are fancy and spell shop with two P’s and an E. I wish I could pull […]

Easy-Peasy Pom-Pom Scarf

Years ago, someone gave me a battery operated glue gun and the card attached read: Now you can glue gun on the bus! It was intended as a gag gift, although you wouldn’t know it by the expressions on the faces of people riding the bus with me that time I needed to hem my […]