Easy Father’s Day Cake Toppers

Here is a question for you; What about Father’s Day? Seriously. What do you do for Father’s Day? Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, and even National Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6th BTW)….they all have clear expectations and traditions. But what about Father’s Day? How do you celebrate? The traditions are still in […]

Summer Entertaining Ideas

So here is something I thought I’d never say: I bought a barbecue. A real, full sized, tomato shaped Bee-bee-que. Not a grill, not a fire pit, a BBQ. What does that mean? Cooking large quantities of meat. And what does that mean? A great excuse to have people over. As part of their Makers […]

Painted Chargers for a Holiday Feast

I have been toying with the idea for painted holiday plates for a while, but I’m not patchouli enough to hang out at the local pottery shop wearing Tevas and tube socks. Since Thanksgiving is upon us, I decided to do a little experiment with painting chargers. Neither chargers nor placemats have been of interest […]

Paper Cups and Thoughts on Stuff

 Yay! Today I am guest posting a fun and easy tutorial on paper cup lanterns over at Elizabeth Banks. Actually, thing is, I’m a day late on this. My post went up yesterday. Today if you go to www.elizabethbanks.com you will see another post, a post I would much rather you read than my thing […]