Valentine Making Kit

Before we go into this, a couple things… Thing one: If you are related to me and your name is Luke or Abby, stop reading. Thing two: Nearly everything Valentine related you see in this post is currently 40% off at Michael’s. And if it isn’t, there is a coupon for that. What am I […]

Valentine Swap: It’s On!

Update: The Signup is now closed. If you already signed up, look for your email on Feb 2nd. Thank you! It’s that time of year: THE SEVENTH ANNUAL VALENTINES EXCHANGE. I’m going to be honest, I nearly backed out this year. But so many folks contacted me saying they wanted something to look forward to – […]

One-Pot Christmas

Happy December 1st! Has it hit you yet? No more “Christmas is coming” because “Christmas is HERE IN YOUR FACE” barreling down the tracks making everyone feel ill-prepared and underdressed. And by underdressed I mean you left your Christmas sweater at the dry cleaners. Again. As a blogger, sometimes I find myself ahead of the […]

Dream Tree Challenge: The Heritage Tree

Good morning America, how are you? I’m here. Still in my pajamas and harboring a post-election hangover and head cold, but what are you going to do? Oh yeah: Christmas. That is what you are going to do. On this particular occasion I want to thank Michael’s, for not only letting me participate in their Annual […]

Hello From the Other Side

Happy Halloween! Hi there! In the spirit of knocking on the doors of strangers and looking like a fool for candy, I wanted to say a couple things. 1. If you signed up to get emails from me and haven’t been getting them, it’s not you, it’s me. A couple people even told me they […]

Dancing Skeletons – Boo It Yourself

Greetings loved ones. October 1 has come and gone which means it’s full throttle on the Halloween decorations. Amiright? In years past I have settled for some pumpkins and spider webs but this year I wanted something a little more substantial. Something spooky. Something…skeletal. Isn’t it weird how he looks like he is dancing and […]

Chalky Finish Painted Furniture

A few years ago I started getting emails from product companies about chalk paint. Chalk paint this, chalk paint that. It was, dare I use the word; trendy. The advantage of chalk paint over other sorts of furniture paint was that, in addition to a soft matte finish, the application process was far more forgiving than […]

Painted Pumpkins: Anything But Orange

*Whooosh!* Did you hear that? That was the sound of summer getting up and leaving. Says she’s only going to get a sandwich and “I’ll be back in a minute.” but you know darn well she ain’t coming back for eight months. Maybe more. We can dwell on this or we can prepare for the […]