The Vanity of Avoidance

Five people I know posted this on Facebook today, and another couple emailed it to me here. I think that says a lot. Not about Dustin Hoffman, but what he has to say. Here he is talking about taking the role of Tootsie in 1982, a film in which he plays a woman. Let’s talk […]

Happy Birthday, America

Ammmmmmerrrrricccca!!!!! Girl, you crazy bitch. How are you?! We haven’t seen each other in…what?…No…Has it been? Well you know me, I never miss a birthday. Happy birthday Girl!  How old are you again? …WHAT! Damn, you do not look your age at all. Two-hundred and thirty seven? Crap. That is olllllld. Is it the botox? […]

This is Happening: My Life List

Goals are funny things.  …easy to make, easier to break, and everyone insists on having them. Including me. One day, at the end, when I look back at my home movie of memories, I want it to be a good show. I want it to be interesting. I do not want to measure my success […]

Progress: The Best Excuse for Day Drinking.

I had a post already set to go today but I’m skipping it because I’m busy with important stuff. I’m doing three things today… One. I’m having a glass of champagne to celebrate the thousands of American couples whose marriages will be recognized as legal. Finally. Two. I’m making a donation to Wendy Davis, the […]

The Tao of Mr. Rogers

My friend Karen sent me a link to this quote last week, just at a time when I needed to read it: I take this as a reminder to improve my ‘tude. Not just because it’ll make me feel better, but because it will have a positive impact on those around me, which will, in […]

I am Breaking Up with Diet Coke

I used to work for a woman who would bring her Kindergarten aged son into the office on occasion. He was one of those unusually well-behaved kids who was happy to play by himself in the corner most of the time. Trucks. Cars. Dinosaurs. Truck driving dinosaurs. Truck driving office supplies. It was pretty cool. […]

Sequels Wanted

Sometimes something is so good that I get ticked off when it’s gone. Like, real ticked.  I find myself sitting at stoplights thinking, impatiently, When are they going to bring THAT back?  Haven’t they made me wait long enough?! Because, you know, they do this to me on purpose. Item 1. Six Feet Under. Best […]

Rainbows Wanted

Know what I love? Rainbows. Know what I love more than rainbows? Combative rainbows. Ballsy, confrontational, resourceful and creative rainbows designed to balance hate with love and peace. This house has it all. This house made my day. This house needs our help. Six months ago, Planting Peace purchased this house in the suburbs of […]