Friday Flowers: Fiesta Flowers

Festive much? I finally got a grip on how to make tissue paper flowers. It took a while, and a lot of torn tissue, but thanks to some great directions from Vallen Queen and my friend Tracy, I finally have it down.  Tip I wish someone told me ten years ago: When it comes to […]

Friday Flower: Tissue Pom Failure

Confession: I cannot make tissue poms. Also known as tissue pomanders or fiesta flowers, it’s probably the easiest and most popular, readily available craft idea on the internet, involving nothing more than tissue paper and a simple accordion fold…and yet, I cannot make them. At least, I cannot make them nice.  They come out squashed […]

Friday Flowers: Children’s Art Vase

 Thought I would take a break from making Friday Flowers and offer up an idea on what to put the flowers in. This idea came to me at a wedding reception where the centerpiece flowers were displayed in clear vases lined with paper printed with the bride and groom’s names (sort of like this). Nifty […]