Easy Peasy: Tension Rod Hook Rack

I posted this photo on Instagram a while back and some folks commented that they were digging my Window O’ Cups, and even though this isn’t exactly “creative” territory, I thought I would share the nifty gadget I made. Cup storage wasn’t a problem I was planning on having, but then I picked up an […]

Why I Never Have to Clean My Oven

Last week I watched a woman in a store buy a $26 “oven liner” and it damn near gave me a bellyache watching her do it, knowing there was no need to waste good money like that. I assumed everyone’s mother taught them to line their oven with aluminum foil, but upon a formal survey […]

Trick for Untangling Chains

Got a nasty snarl in my favorite elephant necklace. I know. I was bummed about it too. My fingernails are crazy short right now and tweezers were no help. I heard about olive oil but that just made it slimy. What helped? Baby powder. It coated all the metal links and everything separated easy peasy. […]

After Easter: In the Pantry

I love shopping Easter Monday. Not only does the chocolate get marked down half price, the baskets go on mega clearance. Mega. Easter baskets take up a ton of storage space and most retailers won’t waste that kind of square footage on something so cheap and specifically seasonal. Their loss, my gain. (And your gain […]

Fun with Glue and Matches

Last night I decided to spend the evening with buttered peas and Radical Face. A splendid time was had by all. Somewhere in between Entertainment Tonight and my laptop freezing, I decided to light a candle, as I do nearly every night. I don’t light candles out of some romanticized ritual, I light candles as […]

Pinterest Files: Hangers

I have decided that the hallmark of adulthood is a decent set of matching hangers. Normally I am opposed to anything “matching” but hangers seem a logical place to start. Plus the nice lady on the Home Shopping Network had a gentle voice and tap-tappy fingernails that make me think a super-slim set of clothes […]

Weird Trick for Winter Skin

I got a facial in Williamsburg for Christmas (soooo good – thanks, John) and the esthetician gave me the weirdest tip for combating dry skin. I sorta didn’t believe her but I’ve been doing it for a month now, and even though it’s been the bitterest winter in recent memory, this trick totally works. What […]

How to Hide the Cable Box

So this thing happened five, maybe ten, years ago – TVs got big. Big and flat. It used to be that TVs were big boxy things and people would try to stash them in armoires, or relegate them to hidden rooms like Edward Rochester’s first wife, never to be seen by anyone but the inner […]