Pom Pom Purse

For someone who runs a craft blog, I haven’t been doing a lot of crafts lately. Sorry folks. I blame it on seasonal affective disorder, but seasonal affective disorder is blaming it on me. Either way, I don’t really give a rip because it’s supposed to be 40 this week and I can already smell […]

Tie One On

As I mentioned last month, I have a serious scarf addiction. Winter, spring, summer or fall, I wear scarves like nobody’s bidness. Scarves, big earrings, and more scarves, yup, that’s me alright. When Scarves.net asked me to contribute a new way to tie a scarf to their library of knots, I checked out what they […]

No-Sew Bolero

So, it turns out, that post I wrote about turning a scarf into a shrug was pretty popular. Turns out that everybody wants to cover their shoulders once in a while, and knit cardigans just ain’t cuttin’ it. Buh-bye, Cardigans! These boleros are so easy to make. Just snip-snip an old T-shirt and bam-boom-bam, you […]

Easy Ten Minute Summer Shrug

Something you may not know about me: I am a scarf hoarder. I am also a regular hoarder- hoarder, minus the raccoon skeleton behind the fridge. And I can see my floor. Today, at least. But anyway, back to scarves…I have a lot. Last March I set about hand-washing all the silk ones in a […]

Funk Your Junk

Happy Thursday! I’m guest blogging over at ElizabethBanks.com with these nifty bracelets. Check it. Simple stuff. Just a little silicone from the hardware store and some broken earrings, buttons, and beads. You can handle this one, I promise. Then after you make a bracelet, make yourself some nifty matching  shoes!  Admit it, you need this. […]

DIY Statement Necklace

So, this thing happened where I got to make something and a movie star put it on her website. So, yeah. Tuesday is feeling pretty special right now. This is the part of the post where I am supposed to tell you how much I love Elizabeth Banks, her work, her attitude, her activism, and […]