Thank you so much for your kind emails and comments. I love hearing from you! It would be wonderful to sit down and chit-chat with everyone here. Please know that I read every email and comment, and do my best to answer specific questions as soon as possible. Occasionally life gets in the way of me keeping up, but please know that I did read it and I am so grateful to have received it. Below are a list of a few frequently asked questions.


Can I send you free stuff in exchange for promotion?
Probably not. I have weird taste. Lest you are in the business of producing Liberace gear or sloth art, I’m probably not your target demographic. If you are interested in sponsoring a post or commissioning work for your company, please contact me directly (emailauntpeaches(at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you.
Can I link to one of your projects?
Of course! You are welcome to link up, repost single image files, or brief excerpts (100 words or less). Thank you for sharing!

Can I repost one of your tutorials? I promise to link back and fiddle with the words enough to really “make it my own.”
Nope. Not cool.

Where did the name Aunt Peaches come from?
Long story short but not-that-short: My family has called me Peaches for ages and I was proud to become Aunt Peaches when my niece was born in 2009. In fact, I was so proud, I used “Aunt Peaches 2009” as my login name when commenting on blogs and websites, including a couple which asked me to write contributor posts in 2010, which eventually sparked a conversation about “Aunt Peaches’ blog”, which eventually morphed into calling the blog AuntPeaches.com.  Then I bought the domain and that was that.

Wow, that was long.

What can I do to dye my coffee filters _(insert bridesmaid color here)__?
Easy Answer 1: Click here.
Easy Answer 2: Get a stack of 50 filters, run them under water, squish out water, add a tablespoon of acrylic paint, squish out more water, add paint, squish out more water, and repeat til they look how you want them. People ask me for specific dye recipes but I have long given up – every coffee filter brand contains a different level of starch or something that changes the rate of absorption. You will just have to try yourself. It’s easier than you think, I promise.

I am new at blogging / My blog is very small / I want my blog to get more traffic. Do you have any advice on how to build my blog?
Figure out if you are blogging for yourself or for your audience. After you figure that out, the rest will follow.

I spotted a typo. Will you get offended if I let you know?
Goodness no. In situations like this you are doing me a favor.

Can you write a post on __(this random thing that I am really interested in)___?

Maybe. Why not?