Leaf Print Pillowcases

People say Memorial Day is the beginning of summer, but in my book the season doesn’t start until the feather duvet gets yanked off the bed and swap it for a beloved, lumpy, bumpy, oil-spill-quality-absorbant-cotton, chenille blanket. Always white. Always retro. Chenille blankets are wildly impractical 9 months a year, but when they are good they […]

Marble Painting with Tacky Glue

I’ll warn you now, there will be a repeating theme throughout this summer: Marbling. Marbleizing. Marbleupzing. If it stands still, Imma put some marble on it. And if it’s still standing still after that, there could be glitter. No promises. This tray is easy, impressive, and yo, did I mention cheap? CHEAP YO. Want to […]

How to Upcycle an Old Tray Into a Photo Display

The nice folks over at Etsy asked me to think of a homemade gift idea that kids-of-all ages could make for their moms for Mother’s Day. And, as much as I love a good glue-and-glitter coffee mug, I wanted to come up with something that the mom population would want and use. Something practical. Something nice. […]

Remix to Ignition: Big Blue

Bloggers like me frequently run into a problem. It’s called space. Or, lack of space. There are only so many times you can make over bedspreads when you only have one bed. This is when I start asking friends, “Didn’t you say you needed a new bedspread?” and they are like, “I never said anything of the sort. […]

Gold Leaf Wooden Bowls

My gold-on-wood flatware has started me on a gold-on-wood craze all over the house, starting with these bowls I made last month. Wooden salad bowls are one of those things I grew up with but we rarely used because they needed to be hand washed. Sound familiar?  Welp, if that is the case and I […]

Painted Gift Bags

Remember that time when you had nothing else to do two weeks before Christmas and spent hours lovingly painting gift wrap for your friends and family? No? Hmmm….well, remember that time you freaked out because you were leaving town and instead of doing your work you went into a manic surge of creative energy and […]