Candy Coated Anxiety

Who made “GET YOUR BUTT TO THE DENTIST ALREADY.ā€ as one of their 2010 new years resolutions? Me.

Who waited to schedule an appointment until the last day of the year? Me.

Who is terrified and chewing out their anxiety on sweet-n-sour shoe leather candy? Me.

Who would be stupid enough to eat sweet-n-sour shoe leather candy, THE WORST possible breakfast in history of mankind, just before the dentist? Me.

And yes, those are Milk Duds in my purse.

And no, Iā€™m not sharing.


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    hahahahahaha!!! i love those sour strips too, yum yum! i am with you tho, the dentist is awful. and of course mine waited to get those sweet flat screens on swiveling arms to distract from the awful drilling until AFTER i came out of my “new cavity every year” phase. this also happened to coincide with the end of my “bag of candy every week” phase too šŸ˜‰

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    Who can’t empathize with you on this one. Dentist is an evil word in everyones vocab

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    Hey, I lost my NHS dentist (in this country, this is like losing your golden fleece, credit card and ipodapplephonetouchpaddoitallmiraclething all at once) because I really don’t think SAW should be re- made in Leeds, thankyouverymuch. All you have to do is miss 2 appointments in a row.
    Wanna come ober awnd twy? Shoup is weally lovely fwood. nutwinional awnd healffy!

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    Lisbonlioness, you might be in the UK, but I could sure swear you were in my living room right now, taking the words out of my mouth! (no pun intended)

    Luckily, my dentist is really a wonderful doctor and I can’t say enough nice things about him….not his fault my mouth is a mess. Actually my mouth in general is good, just one back tooth has bothered my since childhood and the old dentist could never quite get to the root of the problem….ramble ramble….the problem tooth was finally “extracted” today and now I’m walking around the house talking like a damn beaver. Lots of whistling an drooling. Love it. What? TMI? Doesn’t everyone want to know about my dental adventures? Maybe I can craft something out of all the gauze laying around…

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    Like a damn beaver – oh that is tooo cute, at least now it is gone and should be all good, maybe you could just suck the candy tonight?

    Damn it looks great tho and sweet and sour – YUMMY!!!

    Glad you have a great dentist and he wasn’t tooooo painful – take care, the salt mouth washes are disgusting but do work and ibuprofen always helps a heap xoxox

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