Happy Monday: Scary Movies and Instagram Toilet Paper

  My Green Gables obsession continues. And continues. Know what time it is? IT’S DECORATIVE GOURD SEASON. Let’s get some heavy metal advice from Ronnie James. Instagram toilet paper. Yes, it exists. October = Scary movie season. Here are 13 to keep you busy. Speaking of movies…here are 10 movies that will make you hungry. […]

Method to the Madness

Heyo! What’s new with you? Lots of masking tape going down at Ye Olde Casa Peaches today. Woke up this morning and decided it would be a great day to paint the living room white. Benjamin Moore Super White, to be specific. How’s it going? It’s going…white. Photos to follow. In the meantime, thought I’d […]

Dear Copper Pudding Molds

Dear Copper Pudding Molds, Hey Lady! It’s been a while, right?! Man. What’s it been, 20 years? 30? You used to be hanging on the walls of every kitchen in America (or at least every kitchen that counted, RIGHT?). What happened to you? Now I see you laying around at the thrift store looking all […]

Things I Want for My Birthday

Woke up this morning to find a cicada buzzing around under my covers. In bed. With me.  If you have never seen a cicada, understand that this is not a good thing. A Cicada is an insect somewhere between a horse fly and a cockroach, roughly the size of  a fat man’s thumb, aggressive and […]

Paintchip Seating Card Display for Under $10

I’m closing down at my last week of work. Woot! I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic today, and seeing as it is Throwback Thursday, let’s throwback to a year ago this week, to my friends John and Noeleen’s wedding. Noeleen and I have a lengthy history sorting out event nametags and seating assignments, so it […]

Comfort Food: Berry Cobbler

If you ever drive down a Midwestern country highway in summer, you will occasionally see a weather beaten sign, usually scrawled on cardboard by someone who appears to enjoy writing in oversized markers with their feet: U-PICK.This is code for “bring a bucket and pick stuff” which is another way of saying “super cheap, super […]

Bramble Patch July 2014

July, where have you gone?! One month of summer left, y’all. Let’s make it count! Pool party! My recent work for ILoveToCreate has blossomed a new appreciation for tie dye (did you see my duvet?)…if you know a man who is crazy enough to appreciate tie dye underwear, you have to do this one. You […]

Front Porch Makeover for Under $100

There were grand plans to strip, sand, and paint the porch in the spring…but then spring turned to summer and “strip, sand, paint the porch” turned into “let’s buy cheap furniture at Goodwill and spray paint it yellow.” Story of my life. The swing was from the people who used to live here but it […]

Happy Weekend

Happy Saturday, Sweetums! It’s been a busy week for me, although you would not know it by my lack of posts… Some exciting blog developments on front side (you’ll see those soon), and some not so exciting developments on the backside (like nearly losing my domain, ripping my hair out, a little crying, and extensive […]

Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles

My recent yarn kick turned into a tassel kick which has now turned into a knob bobble kick. Now I want all of my door knobs to have jewelry. Yarn jewelry. Also, I’m sorta tired of wreaths and stuff so I’m thinking knob bobbles are a home trend I can get behind. Also, it’s fun […]