Button Button Who Got the Button?

Question: Anyone know a good source for buying buttons in bulk?

I googled around and found plenty of places that sell by the dozen, but I need somewhere that sells by the pound. Or bushel. Or bucket.

Assorted colors/sizes or plain white would be great. The cheaper the better.

As y’all can see from my little mirror, I love me some buttons. I collect them as I can, but it took ages to save up enough to do this little mirror frame. Now I have my sights on something BIG and need a source for the materials.

I know some seriously resourceful people read this blog so I would welcome any insider tips!


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    I have seen bags of buttons at the thrift store that people donated. They have them at the craft store too sometimes but those are smaller bags. Cute mirror!

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    I don’t know about where you live, but the thrift stores by my home sell bags of random buttons (think a pound or bigger) for about $1-$2 a bag.

    Cute idea too!


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    I bought a pound of buttons at Walmart for $3… lots of shapes and sizes.

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    Thanks Jessi, I will have to check that out!

    And I want to go thrifting with YOU guys, my local thrift stores never sell buttons like that 🙁 once in a while I will see a mason jar at the flea market running $20 and up, but that’s it. I need to go thrifting w you guys!

  5. eleonora says

    Did you check whether there are button makers in your area?
    More than 30 years ago, my mother came back from a walk with her bag and all her pockets full of slightly misshapen mother of pearl buttons: a factory close by had used them to fill potholes in their driveway!! We have been living on that stock since… 🙂
    Maybe you won’t be that lucky, but who knows, there could be a factory outlet or something similar.

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    My craft room overflows with buttons … and my secret .. “Ask elderly ladies …” OMGosh ! Just mention you want buttons and they will pull out tins and jars and plastic bags and small boxes … filled with buttons.

    Respectfully .. they are depression era survivors who do not throw away ANYTHING and if they do .. they cut all the buttons off first.

    That’s my source … and it gives the elderly a warm feeling to know they can still be helpful to someone … so it is doubly rewarding !!

    Love the blog ~~ as always

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    Ebay. you wont really get to look at what you’re buying before hand but you’ll spend just a couple bucks and end up with a huge collection to sort through in front of your tv.

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    I’m always trying to find buttons too! I’m partial to vintage mother of pearl, I can usually find some on Ebay or Etsy but not in huge quantities.

    You can get buttons by the pound on The Oriental Trading Co: http://tinyurl.com/4frcxuc
    & Discount School Supply: http://tinyurl.com/4fegjxw
    Hope that helps!
    Love your blog!
    🙂 Valerie

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    Windsor Button in Boston has a button barrel from which you can scoop buttons. They may be willing to mail you a scoop or two!

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    I have some nice mixed buttons I would be happy to send you! For serious… I’m a big fan of the blog 🙂

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    Meryl, I’ll make you a deal: You send me buttons and I’ll send you something I make with the buttons. Fair? If you are in, send me an email so we can swap addresses!

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    Ok, Aunt Peaches, here it comes.
    I do live in Germany, in Berlin and in my hood there is a shop that’s all and only about buttons.

    Knopf Paul (Button Paul)

    He has funny opening hours, no website and the shop’s tiny with shelves and drawers up to the ceiling.

    Button heaven.
    Button haven.

    I love your blog so much that I am more than willing to snailmail you a few pounds of buttons from here.

    How many do you think you want ?
    Like 2 pounds ? More ?

    Let me go and scout this out and I’ll come back to you. I am serious about this ! It would be an enormous pleasure for me to send you a box of buttons from Berlin.

    I’ll come back here in a few days. Ooooh, I hope it will work out !

    Have a fun week,

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    Andrea! I just saw your comment, my goodness!! Berlin, ooo how glamorous!

    Well, I will offer the same deal as I did with Meryl– if you send me some buttons I will be honored to send you something I make with the buttons. Send me an email to swap addresses 🙂

  14. KatMcD says

    I have never posted a comment before, but I just had to tell you how happy I am that I came across your website. It is AMAZING!!! I have used several of your ideas in arts and crafts at my Boys & Girls club. The kids LOVE IT!!! As far as buttons go, orientaltrading company.com has all kinds of stuff at reasonable prices and in bulk.
    Please keep the great ideas coming.
    Thank you so much!!!

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    Aw shucks Kat! Thanks for the complment 🙂 I’m so glad you are using these projects. Let me know what you think about other stuff down the road…. I love hearing from you!

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