Hot and Glittered

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter, Lola went and stuck her head out the tippee.

And there goes my day.

The tippee was a Christmas present, and although she immediately loved rubbing on the cardboard, she never spent much time inside until last weekend when I sparkled up the cardboard skull and made a heated rice bag pillow for the floor.

Evidently, Lola takes after me—she likes things hot and glittered.


  1. says

    Ok blogger….don’t boot me off again. As I was saying ….this is so cute…that warm pillow for the floor was a great idea. Anything to keep the furbabies happy.

  2. says

    Hot and glittered is the only way to go!

    Joke: A man seeing a psychiatrist says, “One night I dream I’m a teepee, the next night I dream I’m a wigwam. What does that mean?”

    The Doctor replies, “That’s easy. You’re two tents.”

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