01 February 2011

Hot and Glittered

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter, Lola went and stuck her head out the tippee.

And there goes my day.

The tippee was a Christmas present, and although she immediately loved rubbing on the cardboard, she never spent much time inside until last weekend when I sparkled up the cardboard skull and made a heated rice bag pillow for the floor.

Evidently, Lola takes after me—she likes things hot and glittered.


  1. Love it! The glittered skull is just extra awesome!

  2. Ok blogger....don't boot me off again. As I was saying ....this is so cute...that warm pillow for the floor was a great idea. Anything to keep the furbabies happy.

  3. Oh my goodness! So glad you caught a picture of her sticking her head out! Too cute for words and love the hot and glittery comment. Smart kitty!

  4. Hot and glittered is the only way to go!

    Joke: A man seeing a psychiatrist says, "One night I dream I'm a teepee, the next night I dream I'm a wigwam. What does that mean?"

    The Doctor replies, "That's easy. You're two tents."

  5. This is the best picture! Thanks for posting!

  6. toll das ich deinen blog gefunden haben - sorry - aber mein englisch ist furchtbar - darum in deutsch - deine recycling-Dinge sind TOLL. viele grüße


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