15 December 2011

For Next Year: Stamp Cards

I need to make some holiday cards so I went trolling through my old stacks...aren't these cute?

I made them a few years ago. They look like vintage holiday stamps, but really, it's just a piece of wrapping paper I cut up into squares. Can't find the wrapping paper anymore though. Poo.

Next year I hope to start stamp collecting (nerd alert!) so I can scan them to create my own paper.

Ah, next year...


  1. That's an great idea to collect old stamps, scan and use as paper! Brilliant! May just copy your idea! :D

  2. Great idea. I have some old Christmas stamps I could scan. Darn ... I gave away some cute ones last year to a friend in Canada. Wonder if I can borrow them back or find more on Google Search??? hmmmm

  3. Nice idea!

    --Jaclyn T
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